Catalogue général des livres imprimés de la Bibliothèque nationale: Auteurs..., Volume 80

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Page 767 - Les Danses des morts, dissertations et recherches historiques, philosophiques, littéraires et musicales sur les divers monuments de ce genre qui existent ou qui ont existé tant en France qu'à l'étranger, accompagnées de la Danse macabre, grande ronde vocale et instrumentale, paroles...
Page 1211 - Kemble.— The Saxons in England: A History of the English Commonwealth till the period of the Norman Conquest.
Page 905 - Ecclesiastical History of the Second and Third Centuries, Illustrated from the Writings of Tertullian.
Page 381 - Kâlidàsa, publie' pour la première fois, en original, sur un manuscrit unique de la bibliothèque du Roi, accompagné d'une traduction française, de notes philologiques, critiques et littéraires, et suivi d'un appendice, par AL Chézy, de l'Académie royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, etc.
Page 767 - XVIc et XVII" siècles, la plupart publiés en France pour la première fois, avec les figures d'instruments de musique qu'ils contiennent, ainsi que d'autres figures d'instruments du Moyen âge et de la Renaissance...
Page 129 - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF JUSTINIAN'S DIGEST. Containing an account of its composition and of the Jurists used or referred to therein. By HENRY JOHN ROBY, MA, formerly Prof.
Page 1109 - The Lake Dwellings of Switzerland and other Parts of Europe. By Dr. F. KELLER, President of the Antiquarian Association of Zurich. Translated and arranged by JE LEE, FSAFGS Author of 'Isca Silurum.
Page 1179 - Labor and Other Capital: The Rights of Each Secured and the Wrongs of Both Eradicated. Or, An Exposition of the Cause Why Few Are Wealthy and Many Poor, and the Delineation of a System, Which, Without Infringing the Rights of Property, Will Give to Labor Its Just Reward.
Page 375 - THE BIRTH OF THE WAR-GOD. A Poem. BY KALIDASA. Translated from the Sanskrit into English Verse by RALPH TH GRIFFITH, MA " A very spirited rendering of the Kumdragambkava, which was first published twenty-six years ago, and which we are glad to see made once more accessible.
Page 1211 - Macbeth and King Richard the Third: An Essay, in answer to Remarks on some of the Characters of Shakespeare [by Thomas Whately] (1817) xii, i7zp.

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