Catalogue of the Books, Manuscripts, and Engravings Belonging to William Menzies of New York, 第 1 卷

Press of J. Munsell, 1875 - 471 頁


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第 210 頁 - History of New York, from the beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty.
第 142 頁 - EXTRACTS FROM THE VOTES and Proceedings of the American Continental Congress, Held at Philadelphia on the 5th of September, 1774. Containing the Bill of Rights...
第 143 頁 - PASTON LETTERS. ORIGINAL LETTERS, written during the Reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Richard III., by various Persons of Rank or Consequence.
第 114 頁 - Typographical Antiquities ; or the History of Printing in England, Scotland, and Ireland : containing Memoirs of our Ancient Printers, and a register of the books printed by them.
第 209 頁 - Honourable the Commissioners for the Provinces of Virginia and Maryland, with the Indians of the Six Nations, in June, 1744. Folio, pp. 39, half calf, uncut. Phila. Printed and sold by B. Franklin, at the New Printing Office, near the Market, MDCCXLIV.
第 102 頁 - A | Discourse | about | Civil Government | in a | New Plantation | Whose Design is | Religion.
第 220 頁 - A GENERAL HISTORY of the Pyrates, from their first rise and settlement in the island of Providence, to the present time. With the remarkable actions and adventures of the two female pyrates, Mary Read and Anne Bonny, &c.
第 142 頁 - The Narrative of Colonel David Fanning (A Tory in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain) : giving an Account of his Adventures in North Carolina From 1775 to 1783, as Written by Himself.
第 200 頁 - The Happiness of a People in the Wisdome of their Rulers Directing And in the Obedience of their Brethren Attending Unto what Israel ought to do...
第 185 頁 - ... country in America, extending above four thousand miles, between New France and New Mexico. With a description of the Great Lakes, cataracts, rivers, plants, and animals...