Catalogue of the Greek Coins of Ionia

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The Trustees, 1892 - 453 pages

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Page v - Troy grains. Tables for converting grains into grammes and inches into millimetres, as well as into the measures of Mionnet's scale, are placed at the end of the volume.
Page xxii - Jewish community at the end of the fifth or the beginning of the fourth century with Ezra's mission according to the late chronology (398 BC).
Page xxvii - ... attributes pass away while the substance remains. (And just as there could be no desiring person, if the object of desire and the desiring person were not essentially separate), so the object of desire also would cease to be an object for the desiring person, and would be an object for itself only. As a matter of fact, however, this is not the case ; for the two ideas (and terms),' object of desire' and ' desiring person,' imply a relation (are correlative), and a relation exists in two things,...
Page 64 - Two coiled serpents with heads erect ; between them a bow-case (ornamented with an...
Page xliii - Wilhelm to the end of the fifth century or the beginning of the fourth.
Page 66 - Cistźa mystica with halfopen lid, from which a serpent issues 1. ; the whole in wreath of ivy.
Page 151 - Athena r., wear. ing crested Athenian helmet . adorned in front with the foreparts of five horses, on the raised cheek-piece, with a star, on the side with a running Pegasos, and at the back with an aplustre'.'and a figure holding a shield ? HPAKAEПTПN.
Page 244 - IMYPNAIQNj and monogram; the whole in oak wreath. 2. Name of city as above. Lion standing r., his left forepaw raised; beneath, magistrate's name: the whole in oak wreath. Cf. Head, BMC. Ionia, PL XXV 5, 6.
Page 80 - Apollo naked, radiate, adBP vancing r. ; holds in 1. bow, and with r. draws arrow from quiver at his back.
Page 245 - Homer seated 1., clad in himation, his r. raised to his chin, 1. holding volumen on his knees ; behind him, transverse staff.

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