Catalogue of the Marlborough Gems: Being a Collection of Works in Cameo and Intaglio Formed by George, 3rd Duke of Marlborough ... which Will be Sold by Auction by Christie, Manson & Woods ... June 28, 1875, and Three Following Days

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1875 - Cameos - 112 pages
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Page iii - CONDITIONS OF SALE. I. THE highest Bidder to be the Buyer ; and if any dispute arise between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall be immediately put up again and re-sold• II.
Page iii - Abode, and to pay down 5. in the Pound, if required, in Part Payment of the Purchase-money ; in Default of which the Lot or Lots so purchased to be immediately put up again and re-sold. IV. The Lots to be taken away at the Buyer's...
Page iii - To prevent inaccuracy in the delivery, and inconvenience in the settlement of the purchases, no lot can on any account be removed during the time of sale.
Page iii - Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited; all Lots uncleared within the time aforesaid shall be re-sold by Public or Private Sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such re-sale shall be made good by the Defaulter at this Sale, together with all charges attending the same.
Page iii - The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay down 10s. in the pound, if required, in part payment of the purchasemoney, in default of which the lot or lots purchased to be immediately put up again and re-sold.
Page 90 - There is none such as he," inscribed on the ring. This most interesting and minute intaglio is in all probability the identical signet of Charles V. of France, described in the inventory of his valuables, made in 1379 : " Le signet du Roy qui est de la teste d'un roy sans barbe ; et est d'un fin rubis d'Orient : c'est celui de quoi le roy scelle les lettres qu'il escript de sa main.
Page v - ... has for nearly a century deservedly possessed a wide reputation. To the archaeologist, the cabinet at Blenheim has always possessed a singular interest, from its including the collection of gems which...
Page iii - The Lots to be taken away and paid for, whether genuine and authentic or not, with all faults and errors of description, at the Buyer's expense and risk, within Two days from the Sale; Messrs. CHRISTIE, HANSON and WOODS not being responsible for the correct description, genuineness, or authenticity of, or any fault or defect in, any Lot; and making no warranty whatever.
Page 34 - A Bacchanal subject. A cameo, antique in character, wrought in a beautiful porcelain white upper stratum of a sardonyx, with a yellow base layer. The moulding of the limbs and form of the Maenad in the foreground, is extraordinarily delicate, and the attitudes of the remaining figures, viz. a Satyr teasing a panther, and a second Maenad, who is at hand to beat the tambourine, are artistically drawn. A reserved rim surrounds the design, which is set in an enamelled border of tulips and other flowers.
Page v - The two splendid volumes, wherein a hundred of the most remarkable pieces in the Collection are described and figured, were printed and distributed by the Third Duke of Marlborough in 1780 and 1791. Afterwards, a limited number of impressions was made, but this Lssne is in every respect the same as the original, of which llibbert's copy eold for 71.

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