Catalogue of the St. Louis Mercantile Library

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Nixon-Jones Printing Company, 1892 - English fiction - 212 pages
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Page 88 - Saxe Holm's Stories. FIRST SERIES.— Draxy Miller's Dowry— The Elder's Wife— Whose Wife Was She?— The One-Legged Dancers— How One Woman Kept Her Husband — Esther Wynn's Love Letters.
Page 164 - Contents: The lady, or the tiger? The transferred ghost; The spectral mortgage; Our archery club; That same old 'coon; His wife's deceased sister; Our story; Mr.
Page 69 - IN HIS NAME. A Story of the Waldenses, Seven Hundred Years ago. Square iSmo.
Page 169 - The Natolian Story-Teller.— The First and Last Crime.— John Rintoul. — Major Moss.— The Premier and his Wife. VOL. XII. Tickler among the Thieves ! — The Bridegroom of Barna. — The Involuntary Experimentalist.— Lebrun's Lawsuit.— The Snowing-up of Strath Lugas.— A Few Words on Social Philosophy. THE WONDER-SEEKER; Or, The History of Charles Douglas. By M. FRASER TYTLER, Author of ' Tales of the Great and Brave,
Page 169 - Territory.— Harry Bolton's Curacy.— The Florida Pirate.— The Pandour and his Princess.— The Beauty Draught. VOL. X. Antonio di Carara.— The Fatal Repast.— The Vision of Cagliostro — The First and Last Kiss.— The Smuggler's Leap.— The Haunted and the Haunters.— The Duellists.
Page 18 - ROBBERY UNDER ARMS : A Story of Life and Adventure in the Bush and in the Goldfields of Australia. THE MINER'S RIGHT. THE SQUATTER'S DREAM. A SYDNEY-SIDE SAXON. A COLONIAL REFORMER. NEVERMORE. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo. 3is. 6d. BURNETT (Frances Hodgson).-HA\voRTH's. Globe 8vo. 2s. LOUISIANA, and THAT LASS o
Page 75 - The gray champion; Sunday at home ; The wedding knell ; The minister's black veil; The maypole of Merry Mount; The gentle boy; Mr. Higginbotham's catastrophe; Little Annie's ramble; Wakefield; A rill from the town pump; The great carbuncle; The prophetic pictures...
Page 69 - A piece of possible history. — The South American editor. — The old and the new, face to face.— The dot and line alphabet.— The last voyage of the Resolute.
Page 169 - Mr W. Wellington Hurst.— Christine : A Dutch Story.— The Man in the Bell. VOL. VII. My English Acquaintance. — The Murderer's Last Night. — Narration of Certain Uncommon Things that did formerly happen to Me, Herbert Willis, BD— The Wags.— The Wet Wooing : A Narrative of '98.— Ben-na-Groich.
Page 49 - Angelina— The Good French Governess — Mademoiselle Panache — The Knapsack — Lame Jervas— The Will— Out of Debt out of Danger— The Limerick Gloves— The Lottery— Rosanna. VOL.

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