Catalogue of the Free Public Library of the City of Alameda,cal 1889

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Argus steam news, 1889 - Library catalogs - 247 pages
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Page 5 - is directed to Section 623 of the Penal Code, viz: "And every person who maliciously cuts, tears, defaces, breaks or injures any book, map, chart, picture, engraving, statue, coin, medal, apparatus, or other work of literature, art or mechanics, or object of
Page 4 - beyond reasonable wear, and all losses, shall be made good, to the satisfaction of the Librarian, by the
Page 114 - 1. Rich and Humble. 2. In School and Out. 3. Watch and Wait. 4. Work and Win. 5. Hope and Have. 6. Haste and Waste. Yacht Club Series.
Page 4 - card is not presented on returning or renewing a book, it may be detained in the Library at least one day when next used in asking for a book. If a card
Page 4 - a record of his residence as given in his application. If this residence is changed, immediate notice must be given at the Library, and
Page 4 - days' notice of the loss has been given at the Library, which interval is necessary to stop its use in irresponsible hands ; but the loss of a card will not remove the
Page 4 - person shall lend either his Library card-, or any book belonging to the Library, to any one not a member of the same household, under penalty of
Page 3 - given for reference only ; books deemed by the Trustees to be unsuited for general circulation; also unbound periodicals, shall be used only in the
Page 154 - 1. Antiquity. •2. Middle Ages. 3. Renaissance and Reformation. 4. Warriors and Statesmen. 5. Great Women.
Page 116 - Wishes. 2. Kathie's Aunt Ruth. 3. Kathie's Summer at Cedarwood. 4. Kathie's Soldiers. 5. Kathie in the Ranks. 6. Kathie's Harvest Days.

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