Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae: In Locos Communes Distributus Cum Indice Auctorum, Volumen 2

Apud Thomam Osborne, 1743

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Página 725 - THE FOUR YEARS VOYAGES OF CAPT. GEORGE ROBERTS; Being a Series of Uncommon Events, Which befell him In a Voyage to the Islands of the Canaries, Cape de Verde, and Barbadoes, from whence he was bound to the Coast of Guiney. The Manner of his being taken by Three Pyrate Ships...
Página 649 - A Perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility to the great Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from the 49th of King Henry III. until these present Times, SK.
Página 759 - An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England, from the first times to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Página 625 - LAWS OF HONOUR: or a Compendious Account of the ancient Derivation of all Titles, Dignities, Offices, &c.
Página 665 - REPORTS of cases in equity, argued and decreed in the Courts of Chancery and Exchequer, chiefly in the reign of King George I. By a late learned Judge. [Sir Jeffrey GILBERT]. To which are added some select cases in equity, heard and determined in the Court of Exchequer in Ireland.
Página 682 - A parallele or conference of the civil law, the canon law, and the common law of this realme of England. ... Digested in sundry dialogues by William Fulbecke.
Página 715 - A REPORT OF THE KINGDOME OF CONGO, a Region of Africa and of the Countries that border rounde about the same . . . drawen out of the writinges and discourses of Odoardo Lopez a Portingall by Philippe Pigafetta...
Página 621 - Royal Genealogies, or the Genealogical Tables of Emperors, Kings and Princes, from Adam to these times...
Página 612 - Baron. The Lives of all the Princes of Orange from William the Great, Founder of the Commonwealth of the United ProTin ces, including the Life of William III.
Página 724 - Containing a Brief Relation of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers in New England, from the Time of their first arrival there, in the year 1656, to the year 1660.

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