Wells, Exeter, and Worcester

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Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and T. Longman, Jun., Paternoster Row ; and the author, Burton Street, 1836 - Cathedrals

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Page 55 - Well, well, Master Kingston," quoth he, "I see the matter against me how it is framed; but if I had served God as diligently as I have done the king, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
Page 64 - I leave my body to be buried without any funeral pomp, at the discretion of my executors, with this only monition, that I do not hold God's house a meet repository for the dead bodies of the greatest saints.
Page 62 - I FIRST adventure, with fool-hardy might, To tread the steps of perilous despite. I first adventure, follow me who list, And be the second English satirist.
Page 63 - I had with some great Lords concerning these particulars, it would be too long to report : only this ; under how dark a cloud I was hereupon I was so sensible, that I plainly told the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, that rather than I would be obnoxious to those slanderous tongues of his misinformers, I would cast up my rochet.
Page 116 - ... twice over, for the hours. In the centre is fixed a semi-globe, representing the earth, round which a smaller ball, the moon, painted half white and half black, revolves monthly, and, by turning upon its axis, shews the varying phases of the luminary which it represents.
Page 117 - On the south side of the outer court or baUium, as it may be named, are the walls of a grand and spacious hall, which was about one hundred and twenty feet in length by seventy feet in width, and was built by Bishop Burnell in the reign of Edward I. It was enlightened by tall and finely formed windows, had a music gallery at one end, and staircase turrets at the angles. Near it are the remains of a once beautiful chapel, supposed to have been built by Joceline de Wells. Bishop Erghum fortified, enlarged,...
Page 72 - He was no sooner invested with these livings, than he put the parsonage houses in repair, and gave 12 poor persons a regular allowance; and the same conduct he is said to have pursued during all his subsequent preferments. In 1617 he accompanied King James to Scotland, on his ill-timed expedition for the purpose of uniting the two kingdoms into one...
Page 15 - Athelelm to Wells ; Aidulf to Crediton in Devonshire : also to other provinces he appointed two bishops ; to the South- Saxons, Bernegus, a very proper person ; and to the Mercians, Cenulph, whose see was at Dorchester, in Oxfordshire. All this the pope established, in such wise, that he who should invalidate this decree should be damned everlastingly.
Page 68 - So far, then, there was nothing but what is common in the like cases. The wonderful part was this, which afterwards was taken notice of by many — that the marks of a cross were found to have been imprinted on the bodies of those who were then at divine service in the cathedral.
Page 52 - Adrian a high character for his uncommon learning, his exquisite judgment in 'the choice of the properest words, and the truly classical style of his writings ; in which he was the first, says that author, since the age of Cicero, who revived the purity of the Latin language, and taught men to draw their knowlege from the sources of the best and most learned authors.