Catiline His Conspiracy

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Yale University Press, 1916 - 236 pagine
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Pagina 237 - III. The Life of St. Cecilia, from MS. Ashmole 43 and MS. Cotton Tiberius E. VII, with Introduction, Variants, and Glossary.
Pagina 162 - SUB. Yes, or my art is an egregious liar. KAS. How know you? SUB. By inspection on her forehead, And subtlety of her lip, which must be tasted Often to make a judgment. (Kisses...
Pagina xliii - I see not then, but we should enjoy the same license, or free power to illustrate and heighten our invention, as they did ; and not be tied to those strict and regular forms which the niceness of a few, who are nothing but form, would thrust upon us.
Pagina 150 - Caesar , figuli tua castra sequantur." vicit digna viro sententia. noverat ille luxuriam imperii veterem noctesque Neronis iam medias aliamque famem , cum pulmo Falerno arderet. nulli maior fuit usus edendi 140 tempestate mea: Circeis nata forent an Lucrinum ad saxum Rutupinove edita fundo ostrea , callebat primo deprendere morsu , et semel aspecti litus dicebat echini.
Pagina 168 - ... nil ergo optabunt homines? si consilium vis, permittes ipsis expendere numinibus quid conveniat nobis rebusque sit utile nostris; nam pro iucundis aptissima quaeque dabunt di. carior est illis homo quam sibi.
Pagina 239 - XL. The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, by John Milton, edited with Introduction and Notes. WILLIAM TALBOT ALLISON, Ph.D. $1.25. XLI. Biblical Quotations in Middle English Literature before 1350.
Pagina 8 - I am much afraid that this is so. Thy parricide late on thy only son, After his mother, to make empty way For thy last wicked nuptials, worse than they That blaze that act...
Pagina 187 - Coierant enim (ambo, ut) Ciceronem consulatu deicerent, adiutoribus usi firmissimis M. Crasso et C. Caesare.
Pagina 207 - Omnis homines, Patres conscripti, qui de rebus dubiis consultant, ab odio, amicitia, ira atque misericordia, vacuos esse decet.
Pagina 183 - But Paul said, I am a Jew, of Tarsus in Cilicia, a citizen of no mean city: and I beseech thee, give me leave to speak unto the people.

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