Cats' Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Mysterious Mousers, Talented Tabbies, and Feline Oddities

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Potomac Books, Inc., May 14, 2014 - Pets - 346 pages
The cat is out of the bag. Alexandra Powe Allred has written another fun- and fact-filled book in Potomac's Most WantedOao series, CatsOCO Most WantedOao: The Top 10 Book of Mysterious Mousers, Talented Tabbies, and Feline Oddities. Allred provides fascinating details about the history of the cat, from Greek mythology and medieval superstitions to the modern-day family pet. She also offers loads of trivia about this regal creature from which millions strive to gain affection.Curious about which breed is right for you? Allred has the facts, with lists of the best and worst breeds for kids, most dog-like cats, most unusual breeds, most popular names, and more. CatsOCO Most WantedOao also has tips on how to keep your cat healthy and to correct behavior problems. Believing that cats cannot be trained is the catOCOs joke on us! Allred also gives full details on Hollywood cats, such as Morris the Cat and Morris II, who had an unbelievable ability to stay where he had been put; big cats like the cheetah, the only member of the cat family that is unable to retract its claws, which might play an important role in the animalOCOs speed; and about remarkable rescue stories such as Precious, WestministerOCOs 2001 OC Cat of the Year, OCO who was discovered on a New York City roof after September 11, suffering from dehydration, burns, eye injuries from flying glass, and smoke inhalation."

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1Long Live the Cat
Cat Myths
The First Cats
From Campsite to Bedside
Cats in Religion
Bewitching Cats
Cats in Ancient Times
IVCelebrity Cats
Cats on Camera
How to Break Your Cat into Showbiz
Casting Agencies for Animals
Top Grossing Cat Movies of All Time
First Felines
Cats of Royalty
Best Loved Animated Cats

Cats and Superstitions
Felines and Proverbs
HeadtoTail Feline Facts
Your Cats Ancestral Traits
IICuriosity and the Cat
Stories of Survival and Rescue
The Cats of War
Disaster Preparation for Your Cat
Ten Cats Who Risked Nine Lives
The Mother in All Cats
Cats in Court
The Most Unusual Laws
Everlasting Love
Laws of Cat
Famous Cat Lovers
Famous Cat Haters
BestKnown Lines about the Feline
Cat Expressions
Best Breeds for Kids
nonKidFriendly Kitties
Most Popular Breeds
Most Unusual Breeds
Most Doglike Cats
Cats Who Rule the House
Facts about Siamese If You Please
Most Popular Names for Female Cats
Most Popular Names for Male Cats
The Mysterious Sphynx
The Main Coon
Munchkin Facts
Facts vs Myths
The Big Cats
Wild Facts about European Cats
Small Cats of the Americas
The Great American Cat
Small Cats of Asia
Small Cats of Africa
Most Popular Fictional Cats
The Legend of Catwoman
The Real Cat Woman
Famous Cat Artists
World Record Cats
Pussycat Pussycat Where Have You Been?
Cat Astrology
Celebrated Cats
VYour Cats Health
Ways Your Cat Can Improve Your Life
Cats of Your Dreams
Most Common Behavioral Problems
Facts and Tips about CatScratch Training
Facts You May Not Know about Your Kitty
Cat Tails
Top Tricks for a Super Kitty
Tips for Effective Training
Most Common Dangers to Your Cat in Your Home
Most Toxic Plants for Cats
Growing a Garden for Your Cat
Most Serious Cat Illnesses
You Your Cat and Baby Makes Three
Golden Rules for Children and Cats
Questions to Ask a Breeder
Signs That This is Not a CatFriendly Breeder
Questions to Ask Yourself before Getting a Cat
Moving with Your Cat
VILooking For Help
Top Feline Organizations
Rescue Shelters
Why Does My Cat Do That? Web Resources
Top Veterinary Groups
Cat Magazines and Resources
Pet Suppliers
Spas for Cats
Recommended Reading
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Alexandra Powe Allred is the author of "Teaching Basic Obedience: Train the Owner, Train the Dog and Your Outta Control Puppy" and is a freelance writer for "Dog Fancy" and "Canine Press". She has written for "I Love Cats" magazine and has written features about cats and dogs in "Dog Fancy" and "Canine Press". Allred is the animal expert for and is currently writing about cats and babies. Her articles have appeared in a variety of national magazines including "Redbook" magazine. She lives in Midlothian, Texas.

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