Cauldron of the Weekend: A Man's Healing Adventure

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Trafford Publishing, 2001 - Self-Help - 245 pages

Jeff Foster had led an outwardly successful life, but one that was barren on the inside. "All I knew was that I felt alone, never slept well, couldn't escape the steely grip of addiction, that I had to keep moving to keep from feeling, or otherwise felt shame, or felt nothing at all."

In 1995 he was 50 years old and casting about for emotional healing. "I wanted to live without fear, what was the shimmering thing beyond the fear? I wanted to be in control of my life, to lead a life of my own choosing, to be an authentic and healthy human being. I wanted all those things, was at a crossroads, and couldn't have chosen a better time to stumble into the men's organization. And stumble into it I did, one week I had never heard of it, and the following weekend I went through the training."

The book chronicles the healing provoked by this powerful men's organization, and does so with detail both intimate and brave. While many sources contributed to the healing -- and all are described -- the story is primarily built around this men's organization.


This book is not gender oriented. All those wandering hurt and unfulfilled -- whether man or woman, would benefit from reading it.
Therese St. Hilaire, Fairfax, VA
Family Counselor

Foster takes the reader on a fascinating voyage -- from his troubled past to his spiritual holistic present. What distinguishes the book is the directness of its language and the integration of physical detail with powerful insights gained along the way. It provides a useful compass for other spiritual voyagers.
Richard Wiener, Washington, DC
Holocaust child survivor
Head Elder of the Washington, DC Community of The Mankind Project, Attorney

Cauldron of the Weekend is the story of one man's unique journey into the shadowlands of his psyche. This compelling book details the author's courageous process of identifying and confronting his life traumas and limiting belief systems, and his drive to reframe them in order to live a more open, healthy, and joyous life. Recommended reading for anyone who wants to learn more about deep inner healing.
Brad Wye, Frederick, MD
Massage Therapist

This is an insightful and well-written book about the author's search for emotional healing. The author is brave, his candor exceptional. The transformation that he ultimately achieved came from many sources, but mostly from an obscure men's organization. Check this organization out -- it provides hope for us all.
Marilyn Marchant, Port Tobacco, MD
Web Developer, Photographer, Graphic Artist

Jeff Foster is a truly good man who has been through a lot. The story of his transformation is both deeply personal and inspiring.
Dmitri Bilgere, Madison, WI
Author, Trainer

I would recommend this book to anyone (I mean anyone) on a spiritual path or who has passion around personal growth. Jeff gives us an inside look as he peels the layers of his onion. In my 15 years of doing men's work I haven't seen anyone share a journey like this...
Bruce Lupin, Silver Spring, MD
Business Consultant

Stunning in its beauty, stunning in its capacity to provoke vulnerability in the reader...
Lawrice Dolan, Silver Spring, MD
Nurse-counselor, Educator, Artist

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About the author (2001)

Jeff Foster has authored and contributed to several Adobe how-to books, including the "Photoshop Web Magic" series and Special "Edition: Using Photoshop" series. He has appeared regularly as a member of the Instructor Dream Team at PhotoshopWorld and as a featured speaker at Macworld User Conferences and the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Post Production Conference. He has served as an instructor and course curriculum developer for Westwood College, and he has taught at several other colleges and universities around Southern California. He provides consulting, training, and design services for corporate clients, production studios, and TV stations nationally.
Foster has been creating traditional and digital images, photography, illustration, motion graphics, and special effects for digital video and film for more than two decades. His vast portfolio includes clients such as McDonnell Douglas, Motorola, Spike TV, Fox Television, Universal Studios, and Disney.

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