Censura Literaria: Containing Titles, Abstracts, and Opinions of Old English Books, with Original Disquisitions, Articles of Biography, and Other Literary Antiquities, Том 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1815

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Страница xx - Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear : Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air. Some village- Hampden, that, with dauntless breast, The little tyrant of his fields withstood, Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest, Some Cromwell guiltless of his country's blood. Th...
Страница xlv - There is no flesh in man's obdurate heart ; It does not feel for man ; the natural bond Of brotherhood is severed as the flax, That falls asunder at the touch of fire.
Страница 15 - To love them wele ; for never a dele They love a man agayne...
Страница 20 - Which is my heritage, I will you bring; and with a ring By way of marri-age I will you take, and lady make, As shortly as I can: Thus have ye won an earl-es son And not a banished man.
Страница 18 - Sone after ye be gone ; For, in my mynde, of all mankynde I love but you alone.
Страница xlv - OH for a lodge in some vast wilderness, Some boundless contiguity of shade, Where rumor of oppression and deceit, Of unsuccessful or successful war, Might never reach me more...
Страница 15 - Whiche from her love, whan, her to prove, he cam to make his mone, Wolde not departe, for in her herte she lovyd but hym allone.
Страница 18 - In lyke wyse hardely Ye wolde answere whosoever it were, In way of company. It is sayd of olde, Sone hote, sone colde ; And so is a woman.
Страница 37 - Her shining here so properly she dresses Alofe her forehed with fayre golden tresses. Her forehead stepe, with fayre browes ybent, Her eyen gray, her nose streyght and fayre, In her whyte chekes the fayre bloud it went As among the whyte the rede to repayre: Her mouth right small, her breth swete of ayre, Her lyppes softe and ruddy as a rose, No hert on lyve but it wold him appose. Wyth a lyttle pytte in her well-favored chynne; Her necke...
Страница 207 - ... 534 A MIRROUR FOR MAGISTRATES: Being a true chronicle historic of the untimely falles of such unfortunate Princes and men of note, as have happened since the first entrance of Brute into this Island, untill this our latter Age.

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