Ceremonial Songs of the Creek and Yuchi Indians, Volume 1, Issue 2

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University museum, 1911 - Creek Indians - 89 pages
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Page 160 - ... to be the best informed dance leader in the settlement. The same (159) may be said for the medicine songs and formulas, so far as one shaman is concerned, as they are secret individual property. The sounds in Creek are represented by the following characters. Surd tc, like "ch...
Page 148 - THE PEABODY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY AND ETHNOLOGY GIFT OF J. Walter Fewkes Received Jan* 32 1931* r a I^iSh9 n tt < a; B I ptflvf: ^*> The Jordan Valley and Petra By William Xibbey, Sc.D.
Page 160 - ... is a soft palatalized spirant surd; ga palatal sonant; qa velar surd; g, the corresponding sonant; / a normal labial dental surd; c like English sh; l, m, n, s, k are also like the English.
Page 190 - One of the favorite Creek dances is the Crazy Dance, so named because the participants behave like wild people, men and women taking freedom with each other's persons and acting in general in such a way as to provoke mirth.
Page 190 - The songs of the Crazy Dance are usually funny or obscene, which suggests, says Speck, straight-faced, "that in some way there is a connection between the dance and the idea of procreation. In other respects, the movements, motions and accompaniments are similar to the other dances. Licentiousness usually follows after it.

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