Certain Seamless Carbon and Alloy Standard, Line, and Pressure Steel Pipe from Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Italy

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DIANE Publishing, 1994 - 106 pages

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Page A-4 - Whenever the Secretary of the Treasury . . . determines that a class or kind of foreign merchandise is being, or is likely to be, sold in the United States or elsewhere at less than its fair value...
Page 1-5 - Commission determines whether there is a reasonable indication that an industry in the United States is materially injured by reason of the imports under investigation. 58 In making this 58 19U.SC 1671b(a) and 1673b(a). determination, the Commission must consider the volume of imports, their effect on prices for the domestic like product...
Page 11-20 - Commission shall consider whether . . . (I) there has been significant price underselling by the imported merchandise as compared with the price of domestic like products of the United States, and (II) the effect of imports of such merchandise otherwise depresses prices to a significant degree or prevents price increases, which otherwise would have occurred, to a significant degree.
Page 1-3 - Commission's investigation and of a public hearing to be held in connection therewith was given by posting copies of the notice in the Office of the Secretary, US International Trade Commission, Washington, DC, and by publishing the notice in the Federal Register of September 7, 2005 (70 FR 53252).
Page 11-3 - To determine whether there is a reasonable indication that an industry in the United States is materially injured or threatened with material injury by reason of imports of the subject merchandise, the Commission first defines the "domestic like product...
Page 11-33 - B, the Commission shall consider whether dumping in the markets of foreign countries (as evidenced by dumping findings or antidumping remedies in other GATT member markets against the same class or kind of merchandise manufactured or exported by the same party as under investigation) suggests a threat of material injury to the domestic industry.
Page 1-13 - domestic like product" and the "industry." 8 Section 771(4)(A) of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (the Act), defines the relevant domestic industry as the "producers as a [w]hole of a domestic like product, or those producers whose collective output of a domestic like product constitutes a major proportion of the total domestic production of the product." 9 In turn, the Act defines "domestic like product...
Page 11-18 - US shipments US imports fromChina South Africa Thailand.....,,...,.,. Value f 1.000 dollars) Subtotal *** *** 7,137 Other sources 53 51 682 Total *** ! 7.819 Apparent consumption *** ****** Note.-Because of rounding, figures may not add to the totals shown. Source: Compiled from data submitted in response to questionnaires of the US International Trade Commission and from official statistics of the US Department of Commerce. C fi O) 3 O .9 5) 4= e O) o I o oco il Sg E w o.
Page 11-33 - ... industry, including efforts to develop a derivative or more advanced version of the domestic like product.
Page 11-32 - Commission shall consider, among other relevant economic factors — (I) If a subsidy is involved, such information as may be presented to it by the administering authority as to the nature of the subsidy (particularly as to whether the subsidy is an export subsidy inconsistent with the Agreement...

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