Challenges to Civil Society

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Portrait of a ProtestThe 1999 Gas Riots in Perspective
A Response to Marginality
Performing Protest in Jamaica
The Politics of Performance
Performing Protest in Jamaica
Protestors and the Press
The Politics of Media Attention in Social Protest

The State Versus Civil Society
The Scope of the Book
Chapter Organization
Bringing the Civil in Civil Society Back
Civil SocietyEarly Definitions and Depictions
Civilization Versus Civility
The Contemporary Vision
The Character of Contemporary Civil Society
The Role of Civic Virtue in Civil Society
The Social Capital Factor
Can Negative and Positive Social Capital Coexist?
Fostering Democracy or Antipolitics?
The Beginnings of Civil Society in Jamaica
Creating Civil SocietyThe Free Village Movement
GarveyismA Civic Movement
The Nationalist Movement
Violence as Political Negotiation
Social Capital and the Socialist Movement
The Character of Jamaican Civil Society
Between Renewal and Decline
The Current Dilemma
Jamaicans for Justice
The Church as Civil Society
The Media as a Civic Actor
Contesting the State
The Contemporary StateContested and Under Siege
The Character of the Jamaican State
The Jamaican State
Rogue Actors Ambush the State
Contentious Citizen Politics and the State
We Want Justice
Box 51 Police Incident ReportProtest Events
Box 51 continued
The Jamaican Experience
Who Are the Protestors?
Perspectives From the Ground
Towards an Ethic of Justice in Jamaica
Between Spectacle and Genuine Grievance
Mediated Theatricality as Identity?
Narrative and Treatment
Radio as Civic Engagement?
The Limits of Talk Radio as a Civic Conduit
Hate Radio?Talk Radio as Civilizing Discourse
Dons and Donmanship
Characterizing Donmanship
Jamaican DonmanshipEarly Beginnings
The Presidential4 Rule of Garrisons
In the Courtyard of Dons
Rogue Influence in Popular Protest
To Be or Not to Be?A Place for Dons in Civil Society
Protest Politics
Target and Ally
The Politics of Response
The Consumer Price Protests and the Politics of Response
Responding to Violent Protests
A Problematic Alliance?
How Politicians Impact Civil Protest
The Consolidation of Roadblock Democracy in Jamaica
Maximum DisruptionThe Basis of Civil Protest in Jamaica
Violence as a Strategy Is Untenable in Models of Civil Protest
Employing Negative SanctionsA Costly Strategy for the Poor
The News MediaInfluence on Protest Performance and Outcomes
Outlaws Masquerading as Civic Leaders Endanger Civil Society
State Responses and the Character of Protest
Inconsistent State Responses Versus Public Confidence in the System
Future Considerations
Books and Articles
Internet Newspaper and Other Media Sources

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