Change and Language: Papers from the Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics Held at the University of Leeds, September 1994

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Multilingual Matters, 1 Jan 1996 - 182 halaman
This volume is a collection of papers from the Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL) held at the University of Leeds, September 1994. It investigates the relationship between change and language in the broadest sense.

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Language Change and Darwinian Principles
Coercion and corpus change
Language Change at the British Sign LanguageEnglish Interface
Change Language and the Individual
Language across ethnic boundaries
Ben Rampton
The Oral Language Development of Instructed Second Language
Changes in Learning English Vocabulary in China
Fresh air for African languages?
Hak Cipta

Istilah dan frasa umum

Tentang pengarang (1996)

Hywel Coleman studied at the universities of Oxford, Leicester and Lancaster and he holds the Final Diploma in Indonesian from the Institute of Linguists, London. He is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the University of Leeds and a Trustee of the Language & Development Conferences. He has lived and worked in Indonesia for more than 25 years. His books include Society and the Language Classroom (Cambridge), Dreams and Realities: Developing Countries and the English Language (British Council, UK) and The English Language in Francophone West Africa (British Council Senegal). He was made an OBE for his services to education in Indonesia in 2000.nbsp;

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