Channel 2 TV Stations in Mexico: Xhrio-Tv, Xew-Tv, Xepm-Tv, Xefe-Tv, Xhmor-Tv, Xefb-Tv, Xewo-Tv, Xhtau, Xhfa-Tv, Xhch-Tv, Xhgj-Tv, Xhfm-Tv

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Chapters: Xhrio-Tv, Xew-Tv, Xepm-Tv, Xefe-Tv, Xhmor-Tv, Xefb-Tv, Xewo-Tv, Xhtau, Xhfa-Tv, Xhch-Tv, Xhgj-Tv, Xhfm-Tv, Xhazl-Tv, Xhy-Tv, Xhapf-Tv, Xhcyl-Tv, Xhheu-Tv, Xhiox-Tv, Xhjbt-Tv, Xhjza-Tv, Xhlba-Tv, Xhmre-Tv, Xhotp-Tv, Xhpem-Tv, Xhpom-Tv, Xhscj-Tv, Xhsjl-Tv, Xhsmi-Tv, Xhspt-Tv, Xhtxb-Tv, Xhtxm-Tv, Xhujz-Tv, Xhcam-Tv, Xhcsa-Tv, Xhdrg-Tv, Xhtzl-Tv, Xhchn-Tv, Xhdr-Tv, Xhhhn-Tv, Xhir-Tv, Xhixg-Tv, Xhtaa-Tv, Xhtca-Tv, Xez-Tv, Xhagu-Tv, Xhap-Tv, Xhapz-Tv, Xhcv-Tv, Xhgwt-Tv, Xhhma-Tv, Xhjst -tv, Xhlgt-Tv, Xhlpt-Tv, Xhmio-Tv, Xhmma-Tv, Xhmts-Tv, Xhomt-Tv, Xhpdt-Tv, Xhpet-Tv, Xhqro-Tv, Xhsac-Tv, Xhsjt-Tv, Xhslt-Tv, Xhtgg-Tv, Xhzap-Tv, Xhtau-Tv. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 238. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: XHRIO-TV, channel 2, also known as Fox Rio 2 or Fox XRIO, is the local Fox affiliate for the Lower Rio Grande Valley. It is licensed to Matamoros, Mexico, but serves American audiences across the Rio Grande from studios in McAllen, Texas. It can be seen on Time Warner Cable channel 6 in analog and digital cable channel 870 in high definition, as well as on sister station KNVO's third digital subchannel. XHRIO is operated by KNVO owner Entravision under a local marketing agreement; Mexican law does not allow foreigners to own any media outlets. XHRIO carries the full Fox schedule, along with MyNetworkTV programming nightly at 10 p.m., and MTV Tr3s during late night and early morning hours (generally 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.). Alternate station logo; used on the station's website.The first incarnation of channel 2 operated in the 1960s; known as XETX channel 2. This was quickly shut down by its family ownership, Telesistema Mexicano (now Televisa). In 1977, a joint venture was formed between the owners of KRIO (910) in McAllen and KRIX (99.5; now KKPS) in Brownsville and respected br...More: http: //

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