Channel 5 TV Stations in Mexico: Xhgc-Tv, Xej-Tv, Xhtlx-Tv, Xedk-Tv, Xhfi-Tv, Xhaq-Tv, Xhoxo-Tv, Xhcoz-Tv, Xhbva-Tv, Xhccs-Tv, Xhnge-Tv

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General Books, 2010 - 188 pages
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Chapters: Xhgc-Tv, Xej-Tv, Xhtlx-Tv, Xedk-Tv, Xhfi-Tv, Xhaq-Tv, Xhoxo-Tv, Xhcoz-Tv, Xhbva-Tv, Xhccs-Tv, Xhnge-Tv, Xhaiz-Tv, Xheon-Tv, Xhpox-Tv, Xhrge-Tv, Xhsgt-Tv, Xhvtp-Tv, Xhzah-Tv, Xhdu-Tv, Xhiv-Tv, Xhtux-Tv, Xhae-Tv, Xhaj-Tv, Xhatu-Tv, Xhcc-Tv, Xhcdv-Tv, Xhcer-Tv, Xhcmz-Tv, Xhge-Tv, Xhhpc-Tv, Xhjcc-Tv, Xhnqr-Tv, Xhpms-Tv, Xhsin-Tv, Xhtfl-Tv, Xhz-Tv, Xhcch-Tv, Xhdi-Tv, Xhdy-Tv, Xheft-Tv, Xhgst-Tv, Xhhlo-Tv, Xhih-Tv, Xhlbu-Tv, Xhtah-Tv, Xhtlz-Tv, Xhurt-Tv. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 186. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: XHGC-TV, commonly known as Canal 5, is a TV station owned by Televisa, broadcasting from Mexico City, with affiliates and repeaters throughout Mexico. XHGC signed on May 10, 1952, broadcasting a Mother's Day event organized by the Excelsior newspaper; regular programming began August 18, 1952. The station was established by Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena, a Mexican engineer who was one of the inventors of modern color television; the station's calls reflect his surnames. Gonzalez Camarena was director and general manager of XHGC until his death in 1965. In 1962, XHGC became the first station in Mexico to broadcast in color; its first color program was Paraiso infantil (Children's Paradise). Mexico was also likely the third country in North America and the fourth in the world, behind the United States, Cuba and Japan, to introduce color television. During its early years, XHGC also brought educational television to Mexican viewers, with Telesecundaria, a pioneering educational program in Mexico. Programming on XHGC also includes children's programs, international series and movies, and sport events like Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup matches. (all Televisa-produced) (all Televisa-produced) ...More: http: //

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