Chapters of My Life: A Collection of Poetry

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Author House, Mar 11, 2010 - Poetry - 168 pages

"Chapters of My Life" is a poetic expression of the many phases of life through whichthe author R. Michelle has traveled. Often referringto herself metaphorically,as a butterfly, with the stroke of a pen she hascaptured the realities as well as the fantasies of transformation; fromthe youthful larva through the restrictive cacoonintoabrilliant,colorful, free creature. The words willdrive you into a state of mesmerization. Come and observe the metamorphisis of one of God's wonderful, exhilerating creations.Thereis certain to be a word for you...

Each piece is without question an original however,they are not those of the author. All come fromthe benefactor; the source. Through this transformation R. Michelle has learned thatshe isthe essence ofthe source. It is not onepurchased nor oneacquired through classroom lessons, that is unless you consider living in this world to be the philosophical classroom.

"My gift..." is to encourage, motivate, remind, initiate whatever it is that someone else has momentarily loss sight of. My gift is to bless others. This is my gift.Through my is my prayer that you will utilize your gift for its purpose.
Indulge yourself in the gift..." but as you partake do not neglect to get only your portion. You see "the gift..." in its entirety is not for any one. There may be only one line for you. It may be two or three poems. Or there may be an entire section or chapter for you.
In "My gift..." you will find nourishment created specifically for you, if you readwith theSpirit not your mind.


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About the author (2010)

My writings began about twelve years ago as "my journal". It was my way of venting; emitting. One day a friend suggested I publish them in a book. I laughed replying," Nobody wants to read this. These are my deepest thoughts; my inner-most feelings . And I don't want to share them with anyone. You weren't even supposed to read them." What I had failed to realize was that my deepest thoughts were actually poetic short stories that just so happen to be true and their purpose was not to be kept closed up inside a journal for my benefit only. Through growth I have become one who is free! So I began writing more frequently with the intent of writing poems. I even began writing about things which I myself had not experienced but the woman, the African-American woman especially, has experienced. Many reflect on and/or were generated from pain, sadness, anger, misfortunes, love, and the like. The words will touch you and hopefully motivate you to accept your freedom! Prepare yourself for the study session of your life or should I say of My Life!

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