Characteristic Indications of Prominent Remedies, for the Use of Students of Materia Medica and Therapeutics

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Halsey Bros., 1891 - Homeopathy - 131 pages

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Page 93 - Constipation, with sensation of contraction of the anus ; difficult expulsion of stool ; fissuring the anus, with flow of blood leaving a sensation of much soreness in the anus.
Page 97 - For very particular, careful, zealous persons, inclined to get excited and angry, or of a spiteful, malicious disposition.
Page 101 - ... in general a tendency to anaesthesia, torpor, and paralysis, manifested mostly in women in deranged sexual health, hysterical conditions, and melancholia.
Page 69 - ... potentized form, than I ever did from Iron in any form, although Iron has its cases as have also Pulsatilla, Cyclamen, Calcarea phos., Car bo veg., China and many other remedies. We will now call attention to the symptoms that indicate Iron in anaemia or any other condition where Iron is the remedy. " Ashy, pale or greenish face, with pains or other symptoms the face becomes bright red.
Page 85 - Diphtheria, beginning on the left side and extending to the right ; dark, purplish appearance, with stringy, mucous discharge ; intolerance of the least pressure about the throat. For all troubles at climacteric period this remedy has no equal. Suddenly something runs from the neck to the larynx, and interrupts breathing completely ; it wakens patient at night. (Spasm of the glottis.) Uterus does not bear contact, and has to be relieved of all pressure, frequent lifting of the clothes, as they cause...
Page 105 - ... remedy and Pulsatilla the woman's remedy. This means simply that the complaints of one are found oftener with men, while those of the other are found oftener with women. Now to call attention to another of Hering's characteristics, and I know of no one who has expressed them better, we have — Mild, gentle and yielding disposition; cries at everything; is sad and desponding; weeps about everything; can hardly give her symptoms on account of weeping.
Page 123 - Much burning in the eyes and lids, in the morning and evening, with feeling of dryness and pressure in them.
Page 81 - ... down relaxed (Tabac.). Abdomen. — Pinching pain in both hypochondria, and in region of pit of stomach (Bell.). Griping as from a hand, each finger seemingly sharply pressing into the intestines: better during rest, much worse by motion (Bell.). °With every movement a cutting pain almost constantly running from left to right. Stool. — Diarrhoea; stools as if fermented, green as grass (Agar.), with nausea and colic. Frequent stools of greenish mucus (Apis, Arg.
Page 99 - When should we give Opium in Typhoid Fever ? When there is profound congestion resulting from cerebral paralysis, loud stertorous breathing, dropping of the lower jaw, hot sweat — a bad omen — and high fever; sleepiness, with acute hearing, clocks striking and cocks crowing at a great distance keep patient awake. What...
Page 75 - Can not bear to be uncovered ; coughs when any part of the body is uncovered.

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