Charles Kingsley, Novelist

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B.H. Blackwell, 1892 - Authors, English - 37 pages
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Page 17 - Two nations between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy, who are as ignorant of each other's habits, thoughts and feelings as if they were dwellers in different zones or inhabitants of different planets; who are formed by a different breeding, are fed by a different food, are ordered by different manners and are not governed by the same laws
Page 16 - And now they want to get the Corn Laws repealed, not for your benefit, but for their own. Cheap bread, they cry, but they mean low wages. Do not listen to their cant and humbug. Stick to your Charter. You are veritable slaves without your votes.
Page 31 - shreds of her dress strewing the holy pavement—up the chancel steps themselves—up to the altar—right underneath the great still Christ: and there even those hell-hounds paused. . . . She shook herself free from her tormentors and springing back rose for one moment to her full height naked,
Page 13 - Inheriting the zeal And from the sanctity of elder times Not deviating; a priest the like of whom If multiplied, and in their stations set, Would o'er the bosom of a joyful land Spread true religion and her genuine fruits.
Page 9 - those great fens, a beauty as of the sea, of boundless expanse and freedom. Overhead the arch of heaven spreads more ample than elsewhere, and that vastness gives such cloudlands, such sunrises, such sunsets, as can be seen nowhere else within these Isles.
Page 16 - For my part I seem to have learnt that the only thing to regenerate the world is not more of any system good or bad, but simply more of the spirit of God. About the supposed omnipotence of the Charter I have found out my mistake. I believe no more in ' Morrison's pill remedies,' as Thomas Carlyle calls them. Talismans are worthless.
Page 16 - I too, like Crossthwaite, took the upper classes at their word, bowed down to the idol of political institutions, and pinned my hopes of salvation on the possession of ' one ten-thousandth part of a talker in the national palaver.
Page 18 - day of freedom, science, industry, but there will be no true freedom without virtue, no true science without religion, no true industry without the fear of God and love to your fellow citizens.
Page 19 - I love you too well either to flatter your passions or to caress the golden dreams by which others seek to win your favour. My voice may sound too harsh and I may too severely insist on proclaiming the necessity of virtue and sacrifice ; but I know, and you too, untainted by false
Page 13 - He knew his people intimately : their proper callings, tastes, failings, and virtues. He was interested as a matter of fact, and not from the mere desire to please, in the occupations of everyone, and had the right word for each and all. Men at once felt at ease with him, because there was such

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