Charming Léandre: A Comedy in One Act

Front Cover
S. French, 1915 - 16 pages

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Page 20 - Probably the bestknown and most frequently acted comedy of manners in the realm of nineteenth century French drama. It is replete with wit and comic situations. For nearly forty years it has held the stage, while countless imitators have endeavored to reproduce its freshness and charm.
Page 19 - In the present series have been chosen with regard to their intrinsic value as drama and literature, and at the same time to their adaptability to the needs and limitations of such organizations. The Series, under the personal supervision of Mr.
Page 22 - THE BENEFICENT BEAR, a comedy in three acts, by GOLDONI. One of the best-known comedies of the Father of Italian Comedy. A costume piece laid in 18th century France, the principal character in which is a good-hearted, though gruff, old uncle. 4 men, 3 women. PRICE 25 CENTS.
Page 20 - TCHEKHOFF, a comedy in one act, by one of the greatest of modern Russian writers- This little farce is very popular In Russia, and satirizes the peasants of that country in an amusing manner.
Page 20 - comedy in one act, full of verve and clever dialogue. Rosalie, the stubborn maid, leads her none too amiable master and mistress into uncomfortable complications by refusing to open the front door to a supposed guest of wealth and influence.
Page 21 - is here seen in a poetic vein, yet the Frenchman's innate sense of humor recalls, in this satirical little play, the genius of Moliere. PRICE 25 CENTS.
Page 20 - This one act poetic comedy, written by the most celebrated dramatist of modern Italy, was the author's first work. It treats of a wager made by a proud young page, who risks his life on the outcome of a game of chess.
Page 22 - A famous comedy by the author of "Gil Bias," concerned with the pranks of two clever valets. 18th century costumes and settings.
Page 22 - Price, 25 cents. The Two Cowards (Les Deux Timides). A comedy in one act. By Labiche. A very amusing and human little comedy, in which a strong-willed girl helps her father choose for her the man she wishes to marry. 2 women, 3 men. Price, 25 cents.
Page 19 - ITH the immensely Increased demand for new plays for purposes of production by amateurs comes a correspondingly great demand for a careful selection of those plays which can be easily and well presented by clubs and colleges.

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