Charting the Supernatural Judgements of Planet Earth: Journey to the End of Days

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Author House, Aug 10, 2010 - Religion - 420 pages
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Chapter 3

The First Judgment:

The World Prior To Adam


ááááááááááá There may have been many judgments upon the earth since its beginning millions or billions of years ago; however, the present commentary will deal only with the last tens of thousands of years of earth’s existence.á In Genesis 1:2, the verses written by Moses (as author of the Genesis account) portray an earth that was veiled in darkness so that its form could not be discerned.á The earth at that time was covered with water (ice) high above the mountain tops so that it gave the appearance of being a dark revolving sphere of frozen water (Table-2).á God’s spirit is described as hovering over this revolving ball of water and brooding over the sad condition of this dark, void planet.á God did not create a dark and dismal planet at the beginning, because God does not create darkness; in fact, darkness is incompatible with His existence and presence.á So what had happened that God viewed (Gen. 1:2) such a decrepit state of the world?á Does scripture attempt to explain this phenomenon, or does the inspired word of God remain silent on this issue? It was first proposed as a theory by the Scotsman Thomas Chalmers in the early 19th century that a “gap” in time existed between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. This gap-in-time would encompass a “ruin-reconstruction theme” and the existence of pre-Adamic living beings.á Obviously, a huge catastrophic event would have had to occur to produce this decadent state of the world.á The “gap concept” was later popularized by mention in the margin notes of the Scofield Reference Bible.


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An Overview of Judgments 1
3 The World Prior To Adam
The Rebellion and Fall of Lucifer 3 4 9
Gods Renovation of an Existing World 6 6 3
The Creation and the Fall of Adam 9 7 1
Gods Second Judgment of Planet Earth 10 8 5
12 9 5
Giants Before and After 10 Noahs Flood
24 15 1
Gods New Covenant 25 16 5
Jesus Critique and Admonition of the Seven Churches 27 19 1
Judgments of the Trumpets 28 21 9
The Two Witnesses and the 144 Thousand Jews 30 24 9
The Wedding of the Bridegroom and His Bride 32 27 7
31 7

Judgment on Gentile Nations 16 12 9
18 13 9
Judgment in the New Testament 21 14 7
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The author graduated from a large Mid-Atlantic State University earning the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in the life sciences.á During the next 30 years, he gained experience teaching and researching in academia and in government positions serving as an educator, scholar, scientist, and a library document searcher.á The author is an ardent student of the Bible (King James Version) devoting more than 25 years of study and meditation to the Word of God.á In both the life sciences and in Bible study, the author has specialized in searching out detailed information, processing it, and distilling it for the layman’s understanding.á He is a born-again Christian who is gifted in uncovering associations, links, and relationships between two seemingly unrelated topics.á In the present book, the author presents his most recent discovery of linked (stringed) scripture passages among several books of the Bible (Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel).á These “stringed passages”, when placed in connected sequences, produce a logical message providing prophetic insight and a ‘coded script’ to “Charting the Supernatural Judgments of Planet Earth: Journey to the End of an Age”.á The book discusses and charts multiple and varied supernatural judgments imposed on mankind from the time of Adam and Eve to the end of the age i.e., Armageddon.

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