Chateaubriand and His Court of Women

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Chapman and Hall, 1909 - Authors, French - 347 pages

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Page 41 - The high forests ring with the noise, like the crowing of the domestic cock, of these social centinels; the watch-word being caught and repeated, from one to another, for hundreds of miles around; insomuch that the whole country is for an hour or more in an universal shout. A little after sun-rise, their crowing gradually ceases, they quit their high lodging places, and alight on the earth, where, expanding their silver bordered train, they strut and dance round about the coy female, while the deep...
Page 9 - Combourg,5 the country has a savage aspect ; husbandry not much further advanced, at least in skill, than among the Hurons, which appears incredible amidst inclosures ; the people almost as wild as their country, and their town of Combourg one of the most brutal filthy places that can be seen ; mud houses, no windows, and a pavement so broken, as to impede all passengers, but ease none — yet here is a chateau, and inhabited ; who is this Mons. de Chateaubriant,5 the owner, that has nerves strung...
Page 176 - Solyme et d'Ilion. Du grand peintre de l'Odyssée , Tous les trésors te sont ouverts; Et dans ta prose cadencée, Les soupirs de Cymodocée Ont la douceur des plus beaux vers.
Page 254 - Le talent ne rend point ce que le temps efface ; La gloire, hélas! ne rajeunit qu'un nom. Le Guerrier de Samos, le Berger d'Alphélie l , Mes fils ingrats m'ont-ils ravi ta foi ? Ton admiration me blesse et m'humilie : Le croirois-tu? je suis jaloux de moi.
Page 31 - He is evidently willing to have it thought that he had lived long and travelled much in our wilderness, and among our Indians, and, in particular, that he was well acquainted with Louisiana, the Mississippi, and Florida. But this cannot be. His descriptions of scenery in Atala and in The Natchez are thoroughly false. A person capable of peopling the banks of the Mississippi with parrots, monkeys and flamingoes, can never have been there.
Page 171 - Chateaubriand's claims ; whereupon, though the announcement had already been made that the prizes would be distributed "by the very hand of him who is the source of all true glory...
Page 254 - Eusse-je un temple au sommet d'Hélicon, Le talent ne rend point ce que le temps efface ; La gloire, hélas ! ne rajeunit qu'un nom. Le Guerrier de Samos, le...
Page 42 - ... and ominous drum; all in their separate bands and communities, with free and unsuspicious intercourse performing their evolutions: there are no signs of enmity, no attempt to devour each other; the different bands seem peaceably and complaisantly to move a little aside, as it were to make room for others to pass by.
Page 52 - I give up all sort of teaching, I shall be able, when at Beccles, to follow a regular course of physics, and I am not without hope that, by next summer, you will make of me one of the strongest man in England.
Page 176 - Chateaubriand, le sort du Tasse Doit t'instruire et te consoler; Trop heureux qui, suivant sa trace, Au prix de la même disgrâce, Dans l'avenir peut l'égaler.

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