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Longmans, 1874 - 64 sider

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Side 44 - Black (Norwich.) 1. P to К 4 1. P to К 4 2. P to К В 4 2. P takes P 3.
Side 40 - WHITE. BLACK. 1 P. to K. 4. 1 P. to K. 4. 2 P. to KB 4.
Side 37 - K 4. 1. P to K 4. 2. P to KB 4. 2. P takes P. 3. Kt to KB 3. 3. P to K Kt 4. 4. B to QB 4. 4. P to K Kt 5.
Side ii - It is known that he acted as procurator for the prior or chapter (1271-86), but he later seems to have been in disgrace. His Chronicle deals with the history of England from the earliest times to the death of Edward I and seems to have as its aim the glorification of that king. The early part relies ultimately upon Geoffrey of Monmouth and other writers, but for the reign of Edward I it is an original and valuable authority, with a strong anti-Scottish bias.
Side 41 - MEDLEY). 1 P. to K. 4 2 P. takes P. 3 P. to K. Kt. 4 4 P. to K. Kt. 5 5 Kt. to KB 3 6 P.
Side 45 - WHITE. BLACK. 1 P to К 4 1 P to К 4 Mr TW Eebbeck.
Side i - ... Thanksgiving for the recovery of the Prince of Wales, celebrated within its walls in the spring of 1872, and with a view to aid in that movement Mr. William Longman began to write on St. Paul's, with little intention of entering so deeply into architectural details ; but writing is not unlike letting out of water — a man takes up his goose-quill, and cannot tell when he will lay it down. So it is that " St. Paul's " expanded under the pen of our author into a goodly volume, illustrated with...
Side i - ... against the Persian Empire, the avenger of the invasions of Darius and Xerxes, and animated by the desire of spreading Greek ideas and Greek culture over the East. " A History of the Three Cathedrals dedicated to St. Paul in London." — Mr. William Longman tells us in his preface that this pretty volume owes its origin to the "increased interest which he took in the Cathedral, under the shadow of which he had spent a considerable portion of his life, when he became a member of the Committee...
Side 20 - К 4 2. К Kt to В 3 2. Q Kt to В 3 3. P to Q В 3 3.
Side i - History of the Three Cathedrals dedicated to St. Paul in London,' by William Longman, FSA, and published by Longmans, Green & Co., London, 1873, is a good work.

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