Chicago Medical Examiner, Volum 7

Wm. Cravens & Company, 1866

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Pàgina 480 - ... painful reaction; and the healing process proceeded perfectly. Our patient, who was exceedingly intelligent, was specially requested to note every step of the operation, such as the applying of the forceps, the insertion of the blades beneath the gum, the loosening process, and the removal. She told us that in two of the extractions she felt nothing; that in one it seemed as though the jaw altogether were being pulled downwards, but without pain; that in another she was conscious of a kind of...
Pàgina 181 - Chairman. On Progress of Medical Science, Dr. Jerome C. Smith, NY, Chairman. On the Comparative Value of Life in City and Country, Dr. Edward Jarvis, Mass., Chairman. On Drainage and Sewerage of Cities, etc., Dr. Wilson Jewell, Pa.. Chairman. On the use of Plaster of Paris in Surgery, Dr.
Pàgina 48 - Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted by the Secretary to the relatives of the late Dr.
Pàgina 472 - An article in this Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at the...
Pàgina 356 - That cryptogamic spores, and other minute bodies, are mainly elevated above the surface during the night. That they rise and are suspended in the cold damp exhalations from the soil, after the sun has set, and fall again to the earth soon after it rises.
Pàgina 355 - The process may also be applied to reduce local inflammation. " In course of time, and guided by experience and the advancement of science, we may, however, expect more. If an anaesthetic fluid of negative qualities, as regards irritation of nerve, and which has a boiling point of 75° or 80°, can be obtained from the hydrocarbon series, the deepest anaesthesia may be produced, and even a limb may be amputated by this method. It may also turn out that certain anaesthetics may be added to the...
Pàgina 483 - One or two precautions are necessary. It is essential, in the first place, to use pure rectified ether; methylated ether causes irritation, and chloroform, unless largely diluted with ether — say one part in eight — does the same.
Pàgina 481 - The inner tube for delivering the ether runs upwards nearly to the extremity of the outer tube. Now, when the bellows are worked, a double current of air is produced, one current descending and pressing upon the ether forcing it along the inner tube, and the other ascending through the outer tube and playing upon the column of ether as it escapes through the fine jet. By having a series of jets to fit on the lower part of the inner tube, the volume of ether can be moderated at pleasure ; and by having...
Pàgina 246 - That in a weak organ, acting because of its weakness with great rapidity, it will reduce the number of its contractions, and, as it were, strengthen or tone them down. To strengthen and quicken the action of a weak, slowly-acting heart, and to reduce the number of the rapid strokes of a feeble ., heart is according to Dr.
Pàgina 498 - Each essay must be designated by a device or motto, and must be accompanied by a sealed envelope, bearing the same device or motto, and containing the name and address of the author. The envelope belonging to the successful essay will be opened, and the name of the author announced, at the Annual Commencement of the College, in March, 1879.

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