Chicago Schools Journal, Volume 3

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Board of Education, City of Chicago, 1920 - Education

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Page 245 - What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them doth not go after that which is lost, until
Page 214 - The General Assembly shall provide a thorough and efficient system of free schools whereby all children of this state may receive a good common school education.
Page 141 - The efficiency of the school cannot rise above the standard of qualifications set for the teaching service. To bring this about the teachers should be adequately paid and fairly pensioned." The Committee on Salaries, Tenure, and Pensions of the National Education Association was fortunate during the past year in securing the publication of a report,
Page 269 - A thorough system of physical education for all children up to the age of 19, including adequate health supervision and instruction, would remedy conditions revealed by the draft and would add to the economic and industrial strength of the nation. National leadership and stimulation will be necessary to induce the States to adopt a wise system of physical training.
Page 289 - teachers are the National Education Association, the Michigan State Teachers' Association, the Schoolmasters' Club, and certain county and local organizations.) School authorities should encourage active participation in certain of these organizations by all teachers. 2. A clear understanding of the law of contracts is incumbent upon a teacher. Since a teacher should scrupulously keep whatever
Page 163 - to the realization of the ideals that have been set forth in the preceding paragraphs. The first of these is the principle of equal salaries for equal service to all teachers of equivalent training, experience, and success. This means, negatively, that the financial rewards of
Page 163 - No professional organization faced with the serious and difficult tasks which the Association has assumed can work successfully without the co-operation and counsel of other organizations, both professional and lay, and the willing aid of men and women of intelligence and vision everywhere who recognize that only through education can be solved many of the serious problems confronting our
Page 223 - you from the crowd, came to your door, and grasped your hand to ask his way. "He will follow you, laughing and talking, and not a doubt in his heart. "Keep his trust, lead him straight, and bless
Page 52 - A preliminary report on Junior High School Mathematics is in the press of the US Bureau of Education and should be ready for distribution early in October. The national committee desires the assistance of its co-operating organizations, which now number about 70, in the
Page 139 - by the commission on the emergency in education are that the present educational emergency is traceable in practically all of its aspects to the insufficient salaries paid thruout the country to those engaged in educational work, it seems clear that the first thing to be done is to campaign for better salaries all along the line.

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