Chicago Public Schools: A Special Report of the Department of Child Study and Pedagogic Investigation on Children Attending the Public Day-schools for the Deaf in Chicago

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Chicago Newspaper Union, 1906 - Child development - 88 pages
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Page 32 - Vital capacity, or the maximum amount of air that can be expelled from the lungs after a full inspiration, is diminished about 20% in older age.
Page 4 - I also found at least thirty or forty per cent of the children under normal, as well as deaf and dumb, and was informed that teaching these children the oral system was a waste of time on account of their impaired mental condition. I also found teachers with classes so large that it is impossible for one teacher to make progress with all the children — naturally more attention was given to the brighter children and the others were neglected.
Page 4 - Board to thoroughly investigate the entire matter and where there are children who cannot learn the oral system, the combined alphabet or the sign system should be taught in special rooms in schools other than where the oral system is. . taught. I also think more time should be given to the teaching of reading, writing and arithmetic, as these studies seem to me to be the most essential to a deaf and dumb person.
Page 3 - Mutes quite a number of children who might be more properly taken care of in the schools for the feeble-minded. As the task of separating the feeble-minded from the normal children in these schools is a delicate one, the committee recommends that the Superintendent be authorized to employ the teachers in the Child Study Department to aid him in determining whether they should be excluded from the public schools or not.
Page 5 - ... system is much neglected and should have a thorough reorganization, better rooms, more teachers and more attention in general given to the children afflicted by the loss of hearing and speech.
Page 47 - Republican counties of the north is to be attributed in no small measure to the fact that they drew their respective populations from different sections.
Page 80 - ... age, and that his date of maturing will be correspondingly delayed. It does not necessarily mean that adult deaf individuals will be much inferior in mental comprehension and initiative to hearing adults. Indeed this mental retardation may be due to conditions in training, and were the deaf child's instruction begun in infancy instead of at six years, the difference might be reduced or even eliminated.
Page 79 - This inferiority of the deaf on the mental side perhaps means no more than that the child is from three to four years less mature than the hearing child of his age, and that his date of maturing will be correspondingly delayed.
Page 5 - January 18, 1905, a committee consisting of the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of the...

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