Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer the Unconquerable Soul of Wilkie Clark

Front Cover, 2004 - Self-Help - 240 pages
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He might have been black; he might have come from a place of proverty and ignorance; But he was just TOO LEGIT to quit!! "Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer," The Unconquerable Soul Of Wilkie Clark is a poignant, powerful biography that PROCLAIMS the historical distinction of Wilkie Clark, a black man who rose to the occasion of racism and economic oppression in the south. It HONORS black fathers; ILLUMINATES the dignified, distinguished role and legacy of the black funeral director in America; and finally it CHALLENGES a contemporary black community to take its economic destiny into its own hands and "come up" by its own design... This book takes a broad but serious look at black economics in the south and suggests a way to improve our status in the context of commuities that offer us little or no support.... Lovingly penned by his only daughter, it is the culmination of her year-long effort to establish his historical significance in his local community.

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About the author (2004)

Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson is a newly published author, who's work is clearly characterized by her passion for writing, as evidenced in her premiere publication, a soul stirring biography of her late father, entitled "Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer," The Unconquerable Soul of Wilkie Clark. As no one else could, she translates her love, reverence and respect for her father into a poignant and powerful statement of his life, works, trials, tribulations, victories and triumphs. Of the book, she says: "Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer," The Unconquerable Soul of Wilkie Clark, is a "must-read" for anyone who might be confronted with the question of how to turn your dream into reality, in spite of life's unending adversities. "Telling daddy's story literally became the "healing balm" that has helped me cope with the continuing battle for spiritual, social, and human affirmation that have persisted throughout my life despite the apparent racial progress that has been observed during my life." Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson, Entrepreneur, Educator, Public Servant, debut author. "My premiere book, "Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer," The Unconquerable Soul of Wilkie Clark, emerges out of my relationship with a strong loving father, who was aside from everything else, a 20th century civil rights advocate and enthusiast. In addition, he was an entrepreneur, and outstanding role model for the African-American citizenry of his day. To learn what a profound impact he had on me, our community, and numerous others, buy my book. I hope you'll get joy and inspiration by reading it, after which I fully expect you to return to my book store and write a rave review of my book after reading it!!

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