Chief Seattle: Man of Vision

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The three boys in the story, "Harmony Hollow", are lifetime friends. Two are twelve and one is thirteen. Their lives are unique as for three months each year they live with their parents on a mountain in Washington state. Their fathers work for the forest service. Being twelve and thirteen they feel they are old enough to do the one thing they have wanted to do for the past couple of years. They know their parents would never, ever agree to let them visit this deep, deep valley they call Harmony Hollow. Telling their parents they were going camping at a campground for a week, they instead have their backpacks packed to explore the place they call Harmony Hollow. Their plans complete, they start down into this almost three-mile deep valley between two mountain ranges. Not a lot is known about this area they call Harmony Hollow. The three boys find that their visit to to "Harmony Hollow" becomes a bigger adventure than they could even imagine.

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