Child-placing in Families: A Manual for Students and Social Workers

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Russell Sage Foundation, 1919 - Adoption - 261 pages

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Page 228 - A legitimate child cannot be adopted without the consent of its parents, if living, nor an illegitimate child without the consent of its mother, if living, except that consent is not necessary from a father or mother deprived of civil rightsor adjudged guilty of adultery, or of cruelty, and for either cause divorced, or adjudged to be a habitual drunkard, or who has been judicially deprived of the custody of the child on account of cruelty or neglect.
Page 148 - The proper training of destitute children being essential to the well-being of the state, it is a sound public policy that the state through its duly authorized representatives should inspect the work of all agencies which care for dependent children, whether by institutional or by home-finding methods, and whether supported by public or private funds.
Page 71 - is one who by reason of mental defect existing from birth or from an early age...
Page 71 - one who is capable of earning a living under favorable circumstances, but is incapable, from mental defect existing from birth or from an early age, a) : of competing on equal terms with his normal fellows; or b) : of managing himself or his affairs with ordinary prudence.
Page 24 - HE who helps a child helps humanity with a distinctness, with an immediateness, which no other help given to human creatures in any other stage of their human life can possibly give again.
Page 19 - As to the children who for sufficient reasons must be removed from their own homes, or who have no homes, it is desirable that, if normal in mind and body, and not requiring special training, they should be cared for in families whenever practicable. The carefully selected foster home is for the normal child the beet substitute for the natural home.
Page 238 - All laws now in force, inconsistent with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed This act shall take effect from and after the first day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine.
Page 171 - If the defendant fails to comply with any order of the court, hereinbefore provided for, he may be summarily dealt with as for contempt of court, and shall likewise be subject to all the penalties for failure to care for and support such child, which are or shall be imposed by law upon the father of a legitimate child of like age and capacity...
Page 153 - The Ohio board of administration" may assign the children committed to its guardianship to the "bureau of juvenile research" for the purpose of mental, physical and other examination, inquiry or treatment for such period of time as such board may deem necessary. Such...
Page 171 - ... together with the costs of prosecution. If the defendant fails to pay the amount of such money judgment forthwith, or during such stay of execution as may be granted by the court, he shall be committed to the county jail, there to remain until he pays the same or is discharged according to law...

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