Children of Light

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Xlibris Corporation, 2007 - Fiction - 92 pages
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When Rae Arrowson first confides in Father John Redman, the priest is skeptical of her abilities. Soon, however, he becomes convinced that she speaks the truth and what that truth reveals could change history, because what she is seeing is Masada .

"I have this ability to see things; I have visions. Mostly my visions are about things that happened in the past. The women in my father's family have a long history of this ability which they call the sight'. And, recently, I have started having these visions. My father's family views these abilities as a gift; something that I should try to explore and use to do some good. My mother calls it all hocus-pocus; she thinks it is evil. She doesn't want me to use it. She doesn't really believe I have it."

"Ok" He drew a deep breath, letting it out slowly, "What do you think?"

"I know it's real. I have the visions. That's how I knew about you. I didn't know why I had a vision about you, until now. So, I figure it's because you must be the right counselor for us. Will you help us, Father John?" Hesitantly, "well, if I can but, I am very curious about your visions. Exactly what did you see in your vision regarding me?"

"Well, you have to understand something first. I am different from the other women in my Dad's family because, they can only see things in a vision. Sometimes just being able to see the vision doesn't give you enough information to really understand what is going on. Do you know what I mean?" "I think so."

"My gift is particularly unique, since I not only see things, I can hear what is being said or going on in the visions as well."

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