Children of Nemeah: Book 1

epubli, 28.08.2021
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Something evil lurks in the City of Nemeah. Changelings possess ordinary citizens and turn them into horrific monsters with terrible capabilities. The only group able to deal with this threat is the mysterious Red Brigade. Empowered by the goddess Akali, they gain the strength needed to kill these unfortunate souls. Until a normal guardsman by the name of Siegfried cuts down one of the changelings. Alone. --- Children of Nemeah is a progression fantasy story in a medieval setting with several unique twists. Humans evolve with seemingly random attributes, creating an X-Men-like range of enemies and allies for our heroes, clashing in a sword and sorcery world. This is a fast-paced, action-heavy story with a focus on the evolution/progression of our main hero, but also dramatic story twists that are often not for the faint of heart. A minimum reader age of 16 is advised for the more violent parts of this book.

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Über den Autor (2021)

My Name is David Christopher Veiling and Fantasy stories have always been my guilty pleasure. After years of being drawn into the awesome worlds of other fantasy authors, I wanted to bring my own fantasy to life and share it with everyone.

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