China: A General Description of that Empire and Its Inhabitants : with the History of Foreign Intercourse Down to the Events which Produced the Dissolution of 1857

J. Murray, 1857 - 480페이지

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367 페이지 - I first spoke, had been the sole accompaniments of all the successive ragouts; they still served to season the bowls of plain rice, which the attendants now * for the first time placed before each of the guests. I regarded with an air of considerable embarrassment the two little sticks, with which, notwithstanding the experience acquired since the commencement of the repast, it seemed very doubtful whether I should be able to eat my rice grain by grain, according to the belief of Europeans regarding...
35 페이지 - ... crews, in the mean time, without let entering the same, and displaying his Majesty's colours of Great Britain upon the walls, having the same night put aboard all their ordnance, fired the Council-house, and demolished what they could. The boats of the fleet also seized a jounke, laden with boards and timber, and another with salt.
364 페이지 - ... thin blade, formed the whole of my eating apparatus. I had great difficulty in seizing my prey in the midst of those several bowls filled with gravy : in vain I tried to hold, in imitation of my host, this substitute for a fork between the thumb and the two first fingers of the right hand ; for the cursed chop-sticks slipped aside every moment, leaving behind them the unhappy little morsel which I coveted. It is true that the master of the house came to the relief of my inexperience (by which...
61 페이지 - I shall be under the necessity of directing my mandarins to force your ships to quit these ports, and thus the increased trouble and exertions of your merchants would at once be frustrated. You will not then, however, be able to complain that I had not clearly forewarned you. Let us therefore live in peace and friendship, and do not make light of my words.
259 페이지 - Chinese, as a nation, have been distinguished, there is much truth in another remark of Montesquieu, namely, that the government had this object in view when it prescribed a certain code of ceremonies and behaviour to its subjects ; " a very proper method of inspiring mild and gentle dispositions, of maintaining peace and good order, and of banishing all the vices which spring from an asperity of temper.
323 페이지 - Tsie, or handmaids, of whom he may have as many or as few as he pleases ; and though the offspring of the latter possess many of the rights of legitimacy (ranking, however, after the children of the wife), this circumstance makes little difference as to the truth of the position.
281 페이지 - Whoever is guilty of improper conduct, and of such as is contrary to the spirit of the laws, though not a breach of any specific part of it, shall be punished at least forty blows; and when the impropriety is of a serious nature, with eighty blows.
343 페이지 - Electt. 677. nations, who wore their hair long, have shaved it during that period. On the death of the Emperor, the same observances are kept, by his hundreds of millions of subjects, as on the death of the parent of each individual; the whole empire remains unshaven for the space of one hundred days, while the period of mourning apparel lasts longer, and all officers of Government take the ball and crimson silk from their caps. It is said that on the death of...
337 페이지 - ... makes the childless doubly miserable. The superstition derives influence from the importance attached by the government to this species of posthumous duty ; a neglect of which is punishable, as we have seen, by the laws. Indeed, of all the subjects of their care, there are none which the Chinese so religiously attend to as the tombs of their ancestors, conceiving that any neglect is sure to be followed by worldly misfortune.
261 페이지 - ... authority, the young and the profligate are seen continually above the old and the worthy : there Age can never find its due respect. But among many of the ancient nations it was otherwise; and they reaped the benefit of it. Rien ne maintient plus les mceurs, qu'une extreme subordination des jeunes gens envers les vieillards.

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