China's Industrial Revolution and Economic Presence

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World Scientific Publishing, 2006 - Business & Economics - 288 pages
Ch. 1. China's industrial revolution. 1. Understanding China's economy. 2. Sustainable rate of growth : accelerated rate of growth. 3. Challenges ahead : a macroeconomic agenda. 4. China's economic reform : industrialization and internationalization. 5. Progression of China's industrial revolution. 6. Inflow of foreign direct investment : a digression. 7. Sources of FDI : a digression continued. 8. China is aware of challenges ahead. 9. Macroeconomic agenda. 10. China's macroeconomic structure : the People's Bank of China (PBOC) & the government budget : the case for restructuring. 11. Economic regionalization. 12. Conclusion -- ch. 2. China's economic presence 1. The Chinese economy. 2. The socialist market economy. 3. Industrialization and internationalization. 4. Privatization and industrialization. 5. The service sector of China. 6. WTO's 143rd member : dimension of the Chinese economy. 7. Challenges ahead : ownership of the means of production in China's socialist market economy : China and Asian economic community. 8. Conclusion -- ch. 3. China and Asian continental economic community : intra community macro- and microeconomic parameters. 1. Interdependence of globalism and regionalism. 2. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). 3. Can the EU be a learning model? 4. Asian Economic Community (AEC). 5. Conclusion -- ch. 4. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China - an economic appraisal : a structural change. 1. China's economic reform and structural change of the Chinese economy. 2. Special Economic Zones (SEZs). 3. Sources of FDI into China. 4. FDI inflow into China by sector : the focus on the industrial and manufacturing sector. 5. The real estate boom. 6. Transport, post and telecommunication services in the tertiary sector. 7. FDI inflow into China by regions : productivity analyses. 8. Productivity analyses : FFE in China's manufacturing sector. 9. China's foreign trade : a great leap forward. 10. Inflow of foreign investments into China and economic impact. 11. Job and employment profile in China's investment and industrialization plan. 12. Investment in fixed assets : capital construction and innovation. 13. China's socialist market -- ch. 5. China's money and financial market. 1. The PBOC and major banks of China. 2. China's financial market. 3. Foreign banks and financial institutions in China. 4. Joint venture securities companies. 5. China's growing consumer credit market. 6. The challenge to reconstruct the financial sector. 7. Exchange rate : the Chinese yuan as a floating currency -- ch. 6. The foreign sector of the Chinese economy. 1. Trade relations and economic cooperation. 2. China's top 10 trading partners, trade destinations, and commodities in trade : export-import-led growth model. 3. China and United States trade. 4. China's trade account and the value of foreign trade by FFEs 1999-2001 -- ch. 7. China's industrial revolution and beyond. 1. China's economic structure as of 2004. 2. China's interregional economic gaps. 3. China's income distribution and the Gini coefficient index. 4. Comparison of China, India, Japan, and US : health, transportation, and technology. 5. Village level industries in China's primary sector. 6. Education : science and technology. 7. China and the USA. 8. Selected issues for China. 9. China and the rest of the world. 10. Concluding remarks

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