Chinese One Pot Meals Home Cooking: 12 Recipes with Photos

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Hongyang (Canada)/红洋(加拿大), Apr 4, 2012 - Cooking
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Nowadays everybody has a busy schedule. How do you make sure that you eat a nutritious and balanced diet to protect and promote good health? The “Chinese One Pot Meals Home Cooking” is a solution for busy people like you.

This 82 pages photo cookbook contains 12 Chinese recipes:
Chicken with dried Mushroom, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot, and Broccoli;
Chicken Wings with Pineapple (Honey garlic spicy);
Pork Ribs with Chinese Cabbage and Mushroom;
Beef with Tomato, Zucchini and Potato;
Beef Flank with white Turnip;
Fish with white Asparagus, Mushroom in Cream Sauce;
Tofu Spice Pot;
Glass Noodle with Chinese Cabbage and fried Tofu (Vegetarian);
Eggs with Mushrooms and Pork;
Vegetarian Pot;
Fish Balls With Fresh Mushrooms (Curry Spice);
Duck with Baby Corns and Dried Mushrooms.

There are 185 photos showing individual steps and making it very easy to follow. There is an extra chapter with 42 frequently asked questions and answers on Chinese ingredients and basic rules of cooking Chinese One Pot Meals, also photos are provided for being clear at a glance.


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Frequently asked questions and answers about cooking Chinese One Pot Meals
Chicken with dried Mushroom Carrot Bamboo Shoot and Broccoli 18
Chicken Wings with Pineapple Honey garlic spicy 23
Pork Ribs with Chinese Cabbage and Mushroom 28
Beef with Tomato Zucchini and Potato 32
Beef Flank with white Turnip 37
Fish with white Asparagus Mushroom in Cream Sauce 42
Tofu Spice Pot 46
Glass Noodle with Chinese Cabbage and fried Tofu Vegetarian 53
Eggs with Mushrooms and Pork 61
Vegetarian Pot Bamboo Shoot Chinese Dried Mushroom Fried Tofu Fresh Mushroom Soya Bean Sprouts Chinese Green Cabbage 65
Fish Balls With Fresh Mushrooms Curry Spice 72
Duck with Baby Corns and Dried Mushrooms 77

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About the author (2012)

Hongyang was born in China, had achieved Bachelor degree from China and Magister degree from Germany.She had worked as a TV reporter for German and Canadian TV stations.She lives in Toronto, Canada and besides her full time job in the Telecommunication Industry writing has become one of her favorite hobbies since 2005.
红洋出生于中国,获得中国学士学位和德国Magister学位。她曾担任过德国和加拿大电视台记者。她现居加拿大多伦多,任职于电信公司,自2005年起写作成为她的业余爱好之一,著有中文小说:《花落花开》,《十字架下的禁恋》,《老婆,我是同性恋》 及中文随笔《散落的花瓣》。

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