Chiropractic: The Victim's Perspective

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Prometheus Books, 1995 - Health & Fitness - 240 pages
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In this well-researched and fully documented analysis of the claims and benefits of chiropractic, Magner, with significant input from scientifically oriented chiropractors, measures the profession against the careful scientific standards and consumer protection requirements.This devastating critique lays bare the quackery and incompetence that are rampant within chiropractic's mainstream. No one should visit a chiropractor without reading it! -American HealthA shocking report that is a must read for every patient and a wake-up call to the chiropractic profession. -Charles E. DuVall, Jr. D.C., President, National Association for Chiropractic MedicineThis extensive critique of the chiropractic profession brings to the public an awareness of the shortcomings, risks and incompetence in the field of manipulative therapy; at the same time, it provides the information needed to receive high-quality health carean expectation of all health care consumers. -HealthlineChiropractic can be recommended to physicians who desire a more in-depth understanding of the field. I found the information about the highly differing philosophies among chiropractic professional organizations to be of great interest. . . . A potential consumer of chiropractic care may also find this book to be highly informative, and it may help protect the uninformed consumer from questionable practices. -Journal of the American Medical Association. . . a devastating critique of chiropractic. . . This book is sure to be read by patients, perspective as well as present; attorneys; physicians; managed care gatekeepers; and legislators, among others whose reactions may well impact the chiropractic profession and its' marketplace credibility. Distasteful though it may be, read Chiropractic. -Chiropractic Economics

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Very much worth reading despite what the chiropractic defenders would have you believe. Online it seems for any critique other than stellar the chiropractors come out of the woodwork to defend their chosen occupation. This in itself smacks of wide spread dishonesty in the field. I will add that one should study the facts about chiro abuse, injuries, deaths and cover ups from other internet sources to get the full picture. Chiropractic has NO standard of care and therefore one person can literally say he needs to break you rib to help your pain and there would be NO accountability and this is insane. Out of 100 chiros you can have 100 techniques and those can change daily on their mood and how much they like or do not like you, enough said. learn to stretch and do movements to help yourself. don't take the lazy way by going to a chiropractor. I do think a lot of folks just need the attention and therefore go to a chiro. THE BOOK IS WELL WORTH READING. 

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This book, although stemming from good intentions (presumably) is clearly one-sided. The author is apparently a victim of a limited perspective that skews his interpretation of much of the information that is reported in the book. Strangely, the book's author seems unaware of his close-mindedness not unlike a traditional physician might be when attempting to objectively critique "accepted" medical practices. Most of the procedures and practices used today in traditional medicine are known to exist without double blind, placebo controlled trials. In effect, approximately 80% of procedures and practices in medicine are utilized on a daily basis by physicians without scientific evidence for their usefulness and safety. Science is not perfect, far from it, and many practices including chiropractic work in spite of lack of scientific evidence. Scientific evidence is a secondary attempt to make sense of what may work, but should not be confused with absolute truth. The message, is that millions of people have been helped through chiropractic when medicine has failed. No healing art is perfect or complete in and of itself. This book is a bias attempt by the author to steer people away from the chiropractic profession. Finally, the author seems ignorant of the fact that traditional medical approaches are known to cause great harm to a large segment of the population on a daily basis. Antibiotic resistance, unnecessary procedures, botched surgery, financial corruption, wrong medications, incorrect diagnosis are just some of the legacies that traditional medical doctors have caused upon society. Bottom line, those who have benefited from chiropractic will quickly realize that this book is trash. 


How I Became Involved
A Brief History of Chiropractic
The Elusive Subluxation
Chiropractic Education and Licensure
Questionable Marketing Tactics
Preventive Maintenance
Dubious Diagnostics and Therapeutics
NutritionRelated Nonsense
Deceptions Behind Recent Headlines
Research Considerations
Significant Risks Remain
Informed Consent ls Needed
Real Freedom of Choice
Can Chiropractic Be Reformed?
Another Victim Speaks Out

Should Chiropractors Treat Children?
Insurance Abuses
The AMA Antitrust Suit
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