Chlorofluorocarbons: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature ChloridesThe product obtained in this way is very pure and contains no tarry material, and, after the excess of benzyl chloride has been removed, boils practically constant.ndash;James Bryant Conant (editor) in Organic Syntheses.The absorption of gas is very rapid at the start, but gradually falls off towards the end of the reaction; the stream of hydrogen chloride should be regulated accordingly.ndash;James Bryant Conant (editor) in Organic Syntheses.The materials are cheap, the experimental procedure simple, and the product obtained is free from objectionable traces of benzyl chloride.ndash;James Bryant Conant (editor) in Organic Syntheses.This is further shown by the fact that the dichlorohydrin formed by continued action of hydrogen chloride under the same conditions contains very little, if any, a, b dichloride.ndash;James Bryant Conant (editor) in Organic Syntheses.The Magic Skin emerged triumphant from a formidable encounter in which it had been engaged with a considerable quantity of chloride of nitrogen.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in The Magic Skin (tr Ellen Marriage).For use in the preservation of paper the sulphate of zinc is better than the chloride, which is to a certain extent delinquescent.ndash;David N. Carvalho in Forty Centuries of Ink.This arrangement provided adequate protection against materials of the Blue Cross type used by the enemy, as, for instance, stannic chloride, whilst the German Blue Cross gas, which was more penetrating, was only retained to a moderate degree.ndash;Victor LeFebure in The Riddle of the Rhine: Chemical Strategy in Peace and War.These brilliant colours were the result of the sublimation and condensation on their surfaces of the combinations of sulphur and chloride of iron, quite as bright as if they had been painted with bright red, chrome, and all the most brilliant tints.ndash;James Nasmyth in James Nasmyth: Engineer, An Autobiography.He gave out word that no one was to touch that bag, nor so much as go near it; and he had it set off in a corner of the outer shed, close by the chloride barrels, so that everything in it will smell like poison.ndash;Laura E. Richards in The Green Satin Gown.Bromine, or a compound of Bromine and Chloride of Iodine, or other sensitive mixture.ndash;Henry Hunt Snelling in History and Practice of the Art of Photography.

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