Choices Made: The Street Years

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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - Fiction - 260 pages
Shocked into a new life with his mother's death, Jamy begins a search for his biological father but succumbs to the dangers of the street after a vicious sexual attack.

Haunted by the act, he is too afraid of his father's possible rejection to pursue his search.

Becoming another lost kid, beaten, pimped, and drugged, Jamy grows more introverted by the barrage of abuse until, in defense of others like himself, he finds a dark future as a gang leader and protector. The Street Lord of the 42nd Neighborhood.

Prostitution, drugs, and protection money fund his generosity to others but the realizations of becoming a father at 16 urges him deeper into danger for want of money. Moments alone with his son make him dream of the normal life he once had.

To protect himself and his new friends from the rising power of the drug lords he now works for, he devises his Domino game. Based on his skill as an artist, his sketches and diaries become pieces of the game.

Dominoes placed, Jamy decides to start toppling the world of the drug lords when he agrees to become a 'mole' for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) in exchange for freedom from prosecution.

Though freedom is at hand, he returns to the street to save the undercover agent he befriended. Nearly losing his life, his foot is set upon a path toward a life that holds his biological father.


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This book has been published as an E-book, multiple formats at: and during July 2013 has a discount.
Also, the Christine McMahon noted
as the author is incorrect. The Christine McMahon who wrote the Choices Made Series is a Pricing Coordinator and IT Specialist from Wisconsin. See proper info here:
About the Author
Christine McMahon has always enjoyed a good story and the craft of writing but didn't pick up the challenge of a novel until shortly after her mother's prediction of a beautiful little boy entering her life.
It is said people nearing the end of their lives not only see those gone before them but also see the futures of those close to them. One evening, a month before Christine's mother died of cancer, her mother, Rose, asked her, "Who is that beautiful little boy standing next to you?"
Of course there was no one there but after her mother's death, she found herself with pen in hand beginning Jamy's story.
"Jamy evolved naturally. I've never had to worry about 'Who' he was because every part of his story was there instinctively. He has been a joy to write about even through his dark days as portrayed in my first novel, Choices Made: The Street Years. His great drive to survive and make a better life for himself and others moves his story forward as he lives his life and learns the hard lessons given him."
Christine and her husband, Joe, live in rural Wisconsin on a restored prairie.
"Thank you for your interest in Choices Made: The Street Years and I hope you will continue to join Jamy in Choices Made: Fathers and Sons, scheduled for release in 2006."


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About the author (2005)

Christine McMahon is a professor in the Department of English Composition, Literature, and Professional Writing at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. She planned and coordinated "Critical Literacy," a professional development program for Montgomery College faculty, librarians, and counselors on educational theory and techniques for fostering critical thinking across the curriculum. In 1997 she received a NISOD Excellence Award (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development from the University of Texas at Austin) for this work. Her work has been published in "Teaching Writing in the Two-Year College.

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