Christian 2nd Conservative 1st: A Patriot's Guide to the Republican Agenda

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AuthorHouse, Dec 6, 2007 - Religion - 284 pages

This is an amazing story about the Republican Party and how they lost control of the Senate, House of Representatives, the Oval office...and themselves.
Terrell Sims is a young African-American pastor catapulted to political success by the Republican Party. As the new mayor of Milwaukee, a predominantly liberal city, Terrell must pave the wave for the moral majority.
Each problem Terrell is confronted with is an actual story taken from real-life events in which the media has brushed over, embellished or completely ignored!
From the Iran-Contra scandal, to the Iraq war and an out-and-out abuse of political power tilted away from diversity and true democracy, this novel brings entertainment as well as enlightenment from an inner-city perspective.
After spending years criticizing his African-American people for their lawlessness, Terrell’s very own peers, one at a time, are being exposed for the very issues they profess only exists with minorities and liberal Democrats: divorce, fornication, drug and alcohol abuse, homosexuality, pedophilia, out of control spending, you name it, Terrell’s party did it.
And now he is forced to reckon with, not only his patriotism toward his country when an African-American gets elected President of the United Stated by Democrats, but his faith in God which is challenged when his wife, Theresa is diagnosed with AIDS.
This narrative relives many of the events that led to the demise of the Republican Party as well as the rise of the Democratic Party.
This novel does not bash one party for another, rather it is an infectious story about a family who grows into understanding that both parties have fallen short of what they promised to their constituents: Family Values for Republicans and Civil Rights for Democrats.
This is my story of how we got to where we are today.


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A great work of fiction that captures a time when religious views influenced the American political landscape. The story begins during the Bush Administration and carries the reader on a political journey leading up to the inauguration of President Obama. The book has chapter titles that reflect a particular time frame, some of which are quite humorous like Chapter 29 "Our Country shows it's A.S.S.", the author's own acronym for American sectarian strife. Considerably less than 300 pages it reads rather quickly.
The main fictional character Terrell Sims' identity as a leader surfaces abruptly in the very first chapter when Milwaukee, Wisconsin becomes victim to yet another senseless murder. Finally a book that argues both sides of the partisan spectrum equally as Terrell's intellect, problem solving skills and astout ways as head pastor of a major Baptist church is rivaled by an ex-con turned Muslim with enviable oratory who rides the tide of dissent of the American people during the 2006 midterm elections.
By the time America changes presidents, Terrell is confronted with many questions that involves the rise of the moral majority and the power the Evangelical vote held in terms of electing politicians who courted them in the name of values voters and what it truly got in return. Terrell's own personal battles are questioned by the Conservative Wing of his Republican Party which in effect is what causes him to question if he had become a Christian second while being a Conservative to suit his social beliefs first. So many politicians are named in this book that it practically chronicles the events that many Republicans and Democrats would hope we forget by next election.

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About the author (2007)

Tramell Nabors is a first time author who works in the computer field. His hobby and love of politics has allowed him to stockpile well over twenty years of political columns and articles without realizing one day it would all come to use. With facts, statistics and an imagination, Tramell dedicated himself to complete a childhood secret dream; to write a novel that could impact the African-American youth in the way Alex Haley's Roots impacted Tramell's generation. With wisdom, knowledge and a touch of inner-city expression, Terrell is destined to become the next Dick Gregory of his generation. From the physical slavery expressed in Roots to the mental slavery of Tramell's era, he hopes to send a message to African-American men whom have fallen to the streets, gangs, drugs, alcohol, or abuse that no hole is too deep to get out of as Tramell is living proof of rising out of such conditions. Experience this page turning novel about today's political follies exposing many of the same issues which exist with minorities also exist within the Christian Conservatives ranks, but entertained with a ghetto twist! Tramell lives in his hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently works in Information and Technology for a Fortune 500 corporation.

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