Christian-Muslim Relations. A Bibliographical History. Volume 2 (900-1050)

David Thomas, Alexander Mallett, Barbara Roggema
BRILL, 17 déc. 2010 - 774 pages
Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History 2 (CMR2) is the second part of a general history of relations between the faiths. Covering the period from 900 to 1050, it comprises a series of introductory essays, together with the main body of more than one hundred detailed entries on all the works by Christians and Muslims about and against one another that are known from this period. These entries provide biographical details of the authors where known, descriptions and assessments of the works themselves, and complete accounts of manuscripts, editions, translations and studies. The result of collaboration between leading scholars in the field, CMR2 is an indispensable basis for research in all elements of the history of Christian-Muslim relations.

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Muslim regard for Christians and Christianity 9001200
ChristianMuslim diplomatic relations An overview of the main sources and themes of encounter 6001000
Works on ChristianMuslim relations 9001050

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