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Jeffrey Mark, 2008 - Religion - 284 pages
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The Bible says that the world's languages began with the Tower of Babel. Today we know better. But how could the Bible contain stories that aren't true? Author Jeffrey Mark was a devout Christian throughout his life until, during his early 30s, he began studying the Bible more seriously than he ever had. And that's when he made the disturbing realization that so many stories were simply untrue. For him, this realization started with the Tower of Babel. That in turn launched a series of events that eventually led him to abandon his long-held beliefs. Letting go of his beliefs resulted in pain, anger, and distrust towards everyone around him. But slowly he was able to rebuild his life and come to terms with the realities of the world and ultimately find happiness. If you've ever questioned your beliefs, Jeff's story will inspire you. Travel with him through his journey as he explores the deeper truths behind the Bible while discovering science, logic and reason, and ultimately revealing Christianity for what it really is. This is a book that every Christian must read!

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It is interesting to note the lack of a standard of what is good and truth, this writer seems to believe that they are a truth to themselves and requires no standard whatsoever, such rants as this come from a bitter soul who now calls themselves the standard of truth to themselves and everyone else, the problem is that there are other people this person will encounter that will not share “their” personified truth.  

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It's good to see the world evolving from these delusional midevil concepts of a "supernatural being" creating and manipulating the world. It's taken long enough. It has caused so much destruction, murder and out right stagnation of knowledge. The pain and confusion perpetrated on our children's minds is unfathomable. BRING ON THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE FUTURE. Wisdom and enlightenment will finally replace outmoded ignorance... 


The Collapsing Tower of Babel 1
am Worthless and So Are You 2
Of Science and Logic 3
Knowledge Religion and Society 4
Lies Fears Threats 5
Bible Facts and 6 Myths
Dissecting Christianity 7
Letting Go and Walking Away 8
If Youre Breaking Away and Struggling
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