Christian Prayer For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, May 4, 2011 - Religion - 384 pages
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Advice and examples help you find your own prayer style

Discover how prayer works and why you need it now more than ever

Do you want to pray, but you're not sure how? This friendly guide explains the different kinds of prayer - revealing how and why to pray and how to discern God's answers. You'll see how to overcome hindrances, how to use a journal, and how to pray on your own. Discover what "Thy will be done" means and how to approach prayers that seemingly haven't been answered.

The Dummies Way
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* "Get in, get out" information
* Icons and other navigational aids
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* A dash of humor and fun

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Fiddling around with tradition
Part III
Chapter 13
Fitting It in Between Soccer and Dessert
Teaching Junior How to Pray
Blessing Your Children
Esspousing Prayer
Chapter 14

Realizing Whats So Good about Prayer Anyway
Past Present and Future
How Esther saved the Israelites
Elijah Jones and the altars of Carmel
Putting your faith where your mouth is
Peters great escape
Dont forget the postage
Chapter 2
Prayer is a crutch
Prayer is only for good people
Its too good to be true
God is a bigpicture guy
Correcting Eight Really Bad Ideas about Prayer
No patience required
Prayer is like a wish list for Santa
Prayer is like lobbying Congress
Chapter 3
Managing sin
Does God wear earplugs?
Removing the earplugs
Taskmaster or Loving Father?
Dear fillintheblank
Deciding Between Heavenly Father or Daddy
A BehindTheScenes Guide
The Holy Spirit
God the Father
Chapter 4
Praying Around the Clock
Packing Your Own Prayer Saber
Knowing When Youre at Your Best
Your daily bread at noon
Wishing God good night
Wimping on the weekends
Sailing through the Sand
Chapter 5
Viewing the Lords Prayer as a Model Not a Carbon Copy
Getting the Big Picture
Using your telephoto lens for a closeup view of the Lords Prayer
Viewing the Lords Prayer with your wideangle lens
Chapter 6
Assuring you that God isnt conceited
Overcoming the adoration struggle
Improving Your Confession
Part II
Chapter 7
Organizing with the ACTS method
Focusing on the Five Senses Prayer
Counting on the Five Finger Prayer
Breaking Open the ReadyMade Variety
Combining the Two Types of Prayer
Chapter 8
Bible and Prayer
Praying through the Bible
The Heart of Prayer
The Soul of Prayer
The Mind of Prayer
The Bibles Ten Best Prayers
Centurions Prayer of Faith
Isaiahs Simple Obedience
Jesus Prayer for Unity
The Lords Prayer
Chapter 9
Writing your mind
Seeing how God works in your life
Documenting your spiritual journey
Organizing your mind
Variety is the pepper on your paper
Choosing Between a Pen or a PC
More than Just Bean Counting
Chapter 10
Fasting in the Crossfire
When Good Fasts Go Bad
Good to the last fast drop
Getting Fast Answers to Practical Questions
How long should I fast?
How frequently should I fast?
Chapter 11
Singing Your Prayers Even If You Cant Hold a Tune
Freeing Your Mind
Applying lectio divina
Accessorizing Doesnt Only Make the Outfit
Communicating with icons
Avoiding potential pitfalls
Chapter 12
Reducing Distractions to Your Prayer Life
Avoiding the entertain me trap
Getting out of range with communication devices
Keeping your todo list in perspective
Setting boundaries with your family
Knowing God not just serving him
Clearing the Mental Cobwebs
A rolling stone gathers no prayers
Stopping the cycle of thought surfing
Pepping up a fatigued mind
Overcoming Emotional Roadblocks
Sticking a pin in pride
Doing battle with bitterness
The Small Group That Prays Together Stays Together
Following the leader or just popping in?
Creating a tiny congregation
Seeking All Prayer Requests
Steering Clear of Small Group Pitfalls
Praying in the Internet Age
Chapter 15
Praying in Public versus Speaking in Solitude
Climbing the five tiers of prayers
Keeping congregation size in mind
Keeping the Zs to a Minimum
Part IV
Chapter 16
Wanting Your Will Wont Get It Done
Sending up a periscope to see beyond the surface
Forgetting about the finish line
Knowing Gods Will
Reading the Bible
Forgetting about yourself
Growing closer to God through prayer
Just do it
Discovering the Purpose of Praying According to Gods Will
Waving the white flag
Praying in confidence for Gods will
Striking a Balance between Asking and Surrendering
Chapter 17
Id Like A Porsche Please
Mounting up for a tough sermon
Saying more than Open sesame
Strengthening your faith not psyching yourself out
Sticking to Gods Will
Chapter 18
Considering Prayers That Looked Misplaced and Forgotten
The forgotten prayer of a prayer warrior
Revoking an answered prayer
Getting ready with Bes
You always get an answer when you ring his phone
I Cant Believe He Said No
Seeing Eye to Eye Isnt Always Possible
Questioning why God is doing nothing
Demanding an explanation from God
Finding Your Lost Prayer
The Rest of the Story
Chapter 19
Suffering from the God Told Me Syndrome
FineTuning Your Ears
Snooping in Gods journal
Listening to the rules
Getting an unexpected message
Circumstances speak louder
Identifying False Voices
Could it be Satan?
Testing What You Hear
Chapter 20
When God Heals
The midnight miracle
Just the Healing Facts Maam
Applying the Techniques of Healing Prayer
When God Doesnt Heal
Chapter 21
Whatchoo Talkin about Willis?
News at 11
Multilingual Christians amaze visiting foreigners
Clueless Christians get inside scoop
Reforms will be made says Pastor Al
Taking a closer look
Practicing Tongues Today or Not
Questioning the expiration date
Evaluating the role of tongues in Joe Christians life
Paging through the tongues instruction manual
Keeping Your Tongue to Yourself
Part V
Chapter 22
The Bookmark
O Merciful Father
The Serenity Prayer
Despair and Suffering
Lord Give Me Patience in Tribulation
Prayers from The Book of Common Prayer
Prayer to Redeem Lost Time
The Precious Blood
The Best Robe
Stressed Family Relationships
Prayer of a Sick Person
Prayer for the Terminally Ill
A Meditation on Detachment
Chapter 23
Bedtime Prayers
All Praise to You
Morning Prayers
Dorothys Morning Prayer
We Thank You Father for This Food
Prayers for Any Time of Day
Chapter 24
Ellel Ministries
Ashram of the Almighty
Prayer Pilgrimages
Fatima Spain
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington DC
Chapter 25
Prayer Central
Pray Magazine Online
National Childrens Prayer Network

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