Christopher Columbus

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The Rosen Publishing Group, 2001 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 24 pages
This exciting, richly illustrated series examines the lives of famous European explorers during the Age of Exploration, a time in which European countries sent explorers racing around the globe in attempts to gain land and riches. Using geography, history, and biography, these books detail the routes that these explorers followed, the navigational equipment that they used, and the challenges that they faced, to create compelling documents of adventure and discovery. Students will come away from these books with a greater understanding of the individual lives of these explorers, the ways in which history and geography affect one another, and the difficult issues involved when one country claims a land that is already occupied by an indigenous population.

Named for the patron saint of travelers, Christopher Columbus believed himself to be chosen by God to spread Christianity throughout the world. In this book students are given the facts about this legendary explorer who brought both fortune and misfortune to the Americas in his lifelong quest for adventure.


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