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Use in Literature ChristophersChristopher Christophers was the judge of probate, he was also a justice of the superior court, and a member of the Assembly, of which body the plaintiff's counsel was speaker.ndash;Brooks Adams in The Emancipation of Massachusetts.I drooped to see twenty Christophers in one.ndash;Charles Dickens in Speeches: Literary and Social. Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageHuman Antibiotic Proteins: Patented by Enno Christophers, Juuml;rgen Harder and Jens Schrouml;der on February 1, 2000. Abstract: The invention relates to proteins, notably SAP-2 and SAP-3, having an antibiotic action. The invention also relates to a method for purifying certain antimicrobial proteins, as well as to a use of said antimicrobial proteins for antibiotic therapy or to a use of cells which were transfected with a DNA which codes for the proteins provided for in the invention.polypeptides and polypeptide analogues: Patented by Enno Christophers, Oliver Wiedow and Jens-Michael Schroder on April 4, 1995. Abstract: Polypeptides, in particular the polypeptide of formula I: -Leu-Ile-Arg-Cys-Ala-Het-Leu-Asn-Pro-Pro-Asn-Arg-Cys-Leu-Lys-Asp-Thr-Asp-Cys-Pro-Gly-Ile-Lys-Lys-Cys-Cys-Glu-Gly-Ser-Cys-Gly-Met-Ala-Cys-Phe-Val-Pro-Gln and analogues thereof which possess inhibitory activity against human leukocyte elastase. The polypeptides may be obtained by expression using plasmidic expression systems in hosts such as E. Coli and yeast, the polypeptide of formula I being also obtainable from psoriatic plaques.Substance with interleukin-8 inhibiting activity and process for its preparation: Patented by Enno Christophers and Jens-Michael Schroder on January 6, 1991. Abstract: A substance is prepared having interleukin-8 inhibiting activity by extracting psoriatic scales and separating the extract on several successive HPLC columns, using an assay for IL-8i activity based on the inhibition of myeloperoxidase release and/or of the neutrophil chemotaxis of a reference sample. The substance is suitable for the preparation of anti-inflammatory medicines.Bibliographic UsageA.D.F. Randolph. Publisher of Hymn-writers and their hymns. By the Rev. S. W. Christophers; London, S. W. Partridge. Publisher: A.D.F. Randolph (New York). Published in 1867.Aaronson, Lazarus. Born in 1894, authored The homeward journey, and other poems. Publisher: Christophers (London). Published in 1946.Adair, Herbert Norman. Author of Christophers' basic French texts. Published in 1957.Ali, Syed Ameer. Born in 1849 and died in 1928, authored The spirit of Islam: a history of the evolution and ideals of Islam, with a life of the Prophet, by Syed Ameer Ali. Publisher: Christophers (London). Published in 1955.Allegri, Gregorio. Born in 1582 and died in 1652, authored Miserere (music): (Psalm 50-51). By Gregorio Allegri; edited by Harry Christophers. Publisher: T.A. Harvey; Cheltenham Goodmusic (distributor) (Sevenoaks, Kent). Published in 1993.Ameer Ali, Syed. Born in 1849 and died in 1928, authored The spirit of Islam: a history of the evolution and ideals of Islam, with a life of the prophet. Publisher: Christophers (London). Published in 1922.

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