Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution: Make Unwanted Symptoms Disappear!

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Findhorn Press, 2012 - Health & Fitness - 219 pages
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Through a series of mental exercises and case studies of people with various sources of chronic pain, this handbook lays out a plan for eliminating ongoing illnesses and the unpleasant emotions associated with them. The first part of this method helps identify unwanted feelings?such as worry, fear, nervousness, and lack of confidence?while the second part describes physical symptoms and how they are caused by electrical waves in the nervous system. The third part helps identify the effects of past experiences so the effects can be changed. Each part includes mental exercises that retrain the subconscious part of the brain with the goal of eliminating the physical chronic pain and its psychological effects. With the aid of the included audio CD, the guide's 65 case studies, and simple mental exercises, it is possible to eliminate persistent, debilitating maladies over time.

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Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution Make Unwanted Symptoms disappear by Olivia Roberts I enjoyed reviewing this 213 page book and accompanying CD with a 20 minute meditation to help me ... Read full review

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“Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution :
Make Unwanted Symptoms Disappear”
Olivia Roberts
Findhorn Press
978-1-84409-570-4 12.99
I saw the title when I took this book out of the envelope and heaved a sigh. “Sounds dry,” I said to myself and prepared myself for what I assumed was likely to be a heavy read which I could well have trouble completing.
How wrong I was to be proved to be. I still think the title does little to encourage me to open the cover and take my first dip inside, but once open I was truly hooked and read the book in a single session. I knew that this had given me an overview but I needed to understand more so I re-read it and began to appreciate the real power of good that I was holding in my hand.
This attractively produced book has the power to radically and dramatically change the lives of those people who read it. I have already recommended it to many friends and patients and have used items discovered within it, with success myself.
The book reveals, in an immensely well written and readable way, the theory and practice of Resolution Magic. This is a powerful technique devised and perfected by Olivia at a time in her life when she suffered from severe migraine, ME and IBS, problems which were severely preventing Olivia from living anything like a normal life.
Over a period of time she developed a unique and unusual combination of mental exercises which, when used honestly and earnestly began to lead to a lessening of the problems and, ultimately, their disappearance. Olivia made the most amazing of recoveries and was filled with energy and determination to use here experiences and discoveries to be able to formulate a programme based on her techniques, that people could use themselves to make unwanted feelings and physical symptoms disappear.
This is a self-help book. This is potentially the best self-help book that you will ever read and I am certain that it will become one of the most used of all your personal library.
As I said at the outset the title gave the impression that this was to be a dry tome. Far from it. It was so readable. Olivia has a free flowing style and there is a minimum of jargon used which is most refreshing. This is a book for the man and woman in the street as well as members of the healing professions. This is a book with an important message and the clarity of writing is vital here.
I am always very sceptical about books that move towards a claim that methods explained within the pages are near enough “ cure-alls”. My doubting Thomas nature kicks in big time then.
Olivia claims that Resolution Magic worked for almost any physical condition or symptom. It was also successfully used in dealing with psychological symptoms such as depression,. Had the claim simply been made as a bland statement I would have taken it with a huge pinch of salt and, to be honest, not have had much real belief in what I was reading.
Olivia has met people like me before so she was well prepared to back up her claims.
The book’s enormous strength, is that it tells the case histories of over 65 people who have used Resolution Magic for a surprisingly wide variety of symptoms and conditions. These case histories are fascinating and inspirational. Here are real people sharing their real experience with us so that we, too, can bring positive change into our lives though using Resolution Magic.
The book also describes well over 100 symptoms, some of which are usually unexplained and unrecognised until Olivia has brought them to our notice now.
Olivia’s own recovery is dramatic and the power of her story unfolds throughout the book.
We are introduced to a set of mental exercises that are clear and simple and easy to remember. They work directly on unwanted physical symptoms and unwanted feelings. The unwanted elements disappear. The word “ magic” is easy to understand as these exercises can bring about a relief and change that allows the user to really live their lives in a healthier and happier

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About the author (2012)

Olivia Roberts is a resolution magic therapist, a master neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, an alternative pain-relief specialist, and a psychotherapist. She studied psychotherapy and NLP at the Dominic Beirne School of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

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