Chronicles of the Crusades, contemporary narratives of the crusade of Richard cœur de lion, by Richard of Devizes and Geoffrey de Vinsauf, and of the crusade of saint Louis, by lord J. de Joinville [ed. by H.G. Bohn, signing himself H.G.B.].

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Сторінка 226 - ... in the camp, and terrible to the foe ! King Richard commanded the van, and kept the foremost guard. The Normans defended the standard, which we do not consider it irrelevant here to describe. It was formed of a long beam, like the mast of a ship ; made of most solid ceiled work, on four wheels ; put together with joints, bound with iron, and to all appearance no sword or axe could cut, or fire injure it. A chosen body of soldiers were generally appointed to guard it, especially in a combat on...
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Сторінка 267 - Darum ; and having collected a large number of cattle, horses, and mares, also twenty asses, thirty camels, and seventy sheep, and other cattle, they formed in a body and returned with all speed to Ascalon, bringing back also with them 200 Saracens, with their wives and children. On Palm Sunday, King Richard, amid much splendour, girded with the belt of knighthood the son of Saphadin, who had been sent to him for that purpose.

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