Chronologisches Verzeichnis französischer Grammatiken vom Ende des 14. bis zum Ausgange des 18. Jahrhunderts, nebst Angabe der bisher ermittelten Fundorte derselben

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W. Gronau, 1890 - French language - 150 pages
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Page 27 - Fischer.]<>2> 1598. SERREIUS, Joannes. Grammatica Gallica, compendiosa, utilis, facilis ac dilucida, in qua omnia fere a variis probatis et bonis authoribus utiliter et scite tradita, perspicua brevitate et ordine bono concinnata sunt...
Page 17 - Donait francois pur briefment entroduyr les Anglois en la droit language du Paris et de pais la d'entour fait aus despenses de Johan Barton par pluseurs bons clercs du language avandite.
Page 24 - Campo di Fior, or else, the flourie Field of four Languages: for the Furtherance of the Learners of the Latine, French, English, but chieflie of the Italien Tongue.
Page 17 - Here begynneth the introductory to wryte, and to pronounce Frenche compyled by Alexander Barcley compendiously at the commauwdemewt of the ryght hye excellent and myghty prynce Thomas duke of Northfolke.
Page 30 - The French Garden : for English Ladyes and Gentlewomen to walke in. Or, A Sommer dayes labour. Being an instruction for the attayning vnto the knowledge of the French tongue...
Page 26 - The French Alphabet, Teaching in a very short time, by a most easie way, to pronounce French naturally, to read it perfectly, to write it truly, and to speak it accordingly. Together with the Treasure of the French...
Page 51 - Grammatica Quadrilinguis, or brief Instructions for the French, Italian, Spanish and English Tongues, with the Proverbs of each Language fitted for those who desire to perfect themselves therein.
Page 17 - These daunces have I set at the ende of this boke to thentent that euery lerner of the sayd boke after theyr dylygent study may reioyce somwhat theyr spyrytes honestly in eschewynge of ydelnesse the portresse of vyces.
Page 11 - L'Ecole pour rire, ou la Maničre d'apprendre le françois en riant, par le moyen de certaines histoires...
Page 18 - An Introductorie for to lerne to rede, to pronounce and to speke French trewly, compyled for the right high, excellent and most vertuous lady The Lady Mary of Englande, doughter to our most gracious soverayn Lorde Kyng Henry the Eight.

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