Chronology; Or, The Historian's Vade-mecum: Wherein Every Remarkable Event in Ancient and Modern History, is Alphabetically Recorded, and the Date Affixed; with a Chronological List of the Most Eminent Men in All Ages of the World, Volume 1

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printed at the Logographic Press, for the author, and sold by R. Baldwin - World history
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Page 47 - Take care of your fire and candle, be charitable to the poor, and pray for the dead.
Page 196 - LIE. The great affront of giving the lie, arose from the phrase, " thou liest," in the oath taken by the defendant in judicial combats, before engaging, when charged with any crime by the plaintiff; and Francis...
Page 183 - Northampton, for which fifty were drawn on horses' tails, and hanged; all the synagogues were ordered to be destroyed, 1282; all the Jews in England were apprehended in one day, their goods and chattels confiscated to...
Page 64 - ... the last day of August. If any number be placed with it, it signifies that day in the former month which comes so much before the month named, as the tenth calends of October is the 20th day of September ; for if one reckons backwards, beginning at October, that 20th day of September makes the 10th day before October. In March, May, July, and October, the calends begin at the sixteenth day, but in other months at the fourteenth; which calends must ever bear the name of the month following, and...
Page 141 - Charlemagne became master of the whole of the German empire, he added • the second head to the eagle for his arms, to denote that the empires of Rome and Germany were united in him, AD 802. The eagle was the imperial standard of Napoleon; and is that of Austria, Russia, and Prussia.
Page 250 - ... 12-26.— Collected the tenths of the whole kingdom of England, 1226.— Residence of the pope removed to Avignon, where it continued 70 years, 1308.— Their demand on England refused by parliament, 1363. — Three at one time all pretending to infallibility .in 1414. — Leo X. made a cardinal at 14 years old; elected pope March 11, 1513, «getl '18 died 1521,— Clement VII.
Page 122 - Erected into a kingdom by Egbert, by a union of all the kingdoms of the Heptarchy, near 400 years after the arrival of the Saxons, 827. Conquered by the Danes, 877 ; recovered by Alfred, 880. Divided into counties and hundreds, 886. Invaded by the Scots, who were defeated by Athelftan, 921. Invaded by ithe Welch, 984 t by Sweyn, king of Denmark, 1003 ; again by Sweyn, and almoft fubdued by him, 1013.
Page 183 - Jew, who lent money on usury, was commanded to wear a plate upon his breast, signifying that he was an...
Page 110 - Lisbon, when a vast number of persons perished by the fall of buildings, 1344. Several churches thrown down by one, May 21, 1382. A very dreadful one, accompanied with thunder and lightning, Sept. 28, 1426. One in Spain, that did a great deal of mischief in Andalusia, April 5, 1504.
Page 240 - Paul's, St. London, was built by Ethelbert, king of Kent, on the foundation of an old temple of Diana, 596; burnt.

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