Cicero's Books of Friendship, Old Age, and Scipio's Dream

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Alexander Moring, 1906 - 217 pages
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Page 219 - THE CHRONICLE OF JOCELYN OF BRAKELOND ; a Picture of Monastic Life in the Days of Abbot Samson.
Page 221 - 13. THE LIFE OF MARGARET GODOLPHIN. By John Evelyn, the famous Diarist. Re-edited from the edition of Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford.
Page 221 - EARLY LIVES OF DANTE, comprising Boccaccio's Life of Dante, Leonardo Bruni's Life of Dante, and other important contemporary records. Translated and edited by
Page 219 - We note with pleasure that competent scholars in every case have supervised this series, which can therefore be received with
Page 221 - 12. THE STORY OF CUPID AND PSYCHE, from The Golden Ass of Apuleius. Translated by
Page 220 - Letters of the Kings of England from Alfred to the coming of the Tudors.
Page 12 - all these, like as they be taken for good men, so we think them worthy to be called; who follow nature, the best guide of well living, so far as man's power can lead them. For this methinketh I do spy, that we are so born together, as there should be among all men a certain fellowship.
Page 156 - Vaunt and boast of myself, as old men are wont to do) would ever have undertaken so many labours and painful travails night and day, both in the time of peace and also of war, if I had had this opinion
Page 144 - are not plucked from the tree but by a certain violent plucking, but if they be ripe and mellow, they fall voluntarily down from the tree ; so likewise, young men depart out of their life by violent force [and painful struggling! but old men die by
Page 158 - who would be contented, when he hath gotten the best game, to be forced to run again for the same ? What pleasure and commodity hath life? yea, rather, what pain, toil and labour ; hath it not ? But let us admit that it had great

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